2023 Summer Wardrobe

What You Should Have in Your 2023 Summer Wardrobe

Summer is calling. Hot weather is finally here (mostly), and the winter staples of thick jumpers, wool beanies, and faux-fur-lined boots can all be put away to make room for your summer favorites. Of course, everyone knows fashions change all the time, and although you might know what looks best for you and have your style worked out – let’s look at some trends for summer 2023 that you might want to jump on board with.

Comfort is in

Thank the fashion gods, comfort is currently still on-trend. With Gen Z taking less nonsense from life in general and the rise of the cost of living, simplicity and comfort are sticking around for a bit longer. Kate Moss went on a rare (these days) catwalk stroll in slouchy jean-style trousers, a white t-shirt, and a relaxed open check shirt. Comfortable shoes also seem to be hanging around as models recently have been turning up in flats, sneakers and wedges.

In your 2023 summer wardrobe essentials, prioritize comfort as the key trend and elevate your footwear game with expert recommendations from Stridewise. Explore their insights to ensure your style aligns with the latest trends while keeping your feet comfortable and stylish.

So, when looking at your wardrobe and deciding if you need to replenish anything, make sure you focus on what you feel comfortable in, like fashion bottoms or that slouchable hoodie, and what looks great to hang out on the beach around a campfire.


Denim is back in. Everyone has at least one good pair of jeans, but this season has (depending on how old you are) great or horror movie-inducing news – double denim is in. Going with the slouchy and comfortable looks mentioned above, low-rise long-legged jeans paired with a denim jacket will be seen all over the country. Complete the look with a grateful dead Egypt shirt.

Mostly trousers covered and mid-drift showing is the style around, but rock this look how every you fancy – it’s not likely to stay around for very long. Of course, denim is incredibly resource-heavy to manufacture. If you want to go with this trend, look into eco-friendly denim manufacturers and learn how to take care of your denim clothes properly – making them last for years.


As mentioned above, ankle hem skirts, long-legged trousers, and loose leg coverings are back in – along with cargo-style pants. Going along with the utilitarian, “just let me get my tool belt from the garage” type of look comes that wonder of wonders – pockets. Dresses, jumpsuits, jackets – real pockets!

If you go the cargo style, you could even have 20 or so in your trousers. This is likely to get dialed back over time, but hopefully, this trend is here to stay for a long time. Once women get pockets, we won’t let go of them without a fight.

Lasting pieces

One clear fashion statement across all styles and ideas of fashion is the increase in sustainability and eco-friendly living. Minimalism and compact wardrobes are still around and playing their part, but the focus for all is having high-quality pieces that last.

There is a move away from fast fashion and instead looking at long-lasting materials and timeless pieces that could be used repeatedly over the years and paired in multiple outfits. You should think quality leather (or denim) jacket, pumps that always go, jeans that suit your frame and high-quality t-shirts.

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