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Best 5-Year Anniversary Gifts For Her

by Lois R. Earles

On this day, many couples recall with pleasure their first meeting, their first kiss, and, of course, make gifts to each other. 5 years of relationship is a special holiday. Therefore, it requires special gifts. So, you have to try hard and be careful when choosing a present for your girlfriend.

1. Jewelry

On the 5th anniversary of the relationship, men usually give rings, earrings, chains, and pendants. Moreover, if we are talking about a ring, then it doesn’t necessarily mean a marriage proposal (although this option is also possible). Depending on your budget and the girl’s preferences, you can choose jewelry made of different metals, with or without precious stones. Also, if possible, you can present a ready-made set, for example, earrings and a bracelet.

2. Perfume

Perfume is another popular gift option for gifts. Dating a Ukrainian woman, for example, perfume can be gifted for almost any occasion, and anniversaries are no exception. There are several approaches to choosing a perfume. First, you can purchase perfume that your girlfriend has already used and love. However, you can go down a more difficult path and try to find something new and unusual.

3. A Gift Can Be a Symbol of The First Meeting, Memorable Events

Since the anniversary of a relationship is one of the most memorable dates in life, a gift that symbolizes the first meeting (as well as any significant event) will be an excellent occasion to please your significant other. It can be a kiss, a walk, the strongest hug, a memorable trip to somewhere. It is worth choosing a present based on the impressions of such moments. For example, it can be a gorgeous bouquet or a congratulatory poem as a declaration of love.

4. Hobby Item

Your girlfriend will be pleased if you take care of her hobbies. For example, if she is an athlete, then you can give her something athletic, such as a bicycle. For a girl who is keen on cooking, you can buy molds, bowls, and other potholders. For a lover of embroidery and handmade, you can always buy rags, threads, or needles.

Choosing a gift, focus on what your girlfriend is fond of in her free time and your knowledge of her hobby. But it is not always enough to present such a gift. It is still better to buy something else that symbolizes this event.

5. Photo Shoot

It is another win-win option. You and your girlfriend will keep the photos from your 5th anniversary in an album. A photo shoot can be ordered outdoors or in the studio. It can be just your photos or the so-called love story where your love will be shown through photos.

6. Spend Time in a Special Place

Do you remember where you met at the very beginning of your relationship? On the beach, at the theater, or maybe abroad? Think about it because it’s a great idea to spend time with a girl in a special place for you, where you first met, for example. This will be an unforgettable surprise for your woman. She will be very touched and will happily spend her day in a place that has so many warm memories.

7. Romantic Trip

Give your girl time with you away from the bustle of the world. Traveling will give the girl the opportunity to take a break from the daily monotony and spend time with her man in a more relaxed atmosphere. This could be a train trip, a weekend in a cottage, or just go abroad. The idea is to run away together. There are probably no more romantic things than spending time with a loved one.

8. Lock of Love

You can engrave your names on the lock. Then hang it on a bridge or a tree – choose the most romantic place in your city or a place of special importance to you. It is really quite symbolic. So, you will forever have a reminder of your love.

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