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Awkward Hair Stage: What It Is and Tips to Overcome

by Lois Earles

Navigating the journey to your ideal hairstyle can sometimes feel like a rollercoaster ride. If you’ve ever found yourself stuck in the peculiar ‘Awkward Hair Stage’, you are not alone. It’s a universal experience that demands knowing what it is and how to overcome it.

Here’s an ultimate guide on how to navigate the twists and turns of this stage.

What Is the ‘Awkward Hair Stage’?

Hair Stage

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This is a stage of hair growth when trying to grow your hair from short to a longer length. It’s a transitional phase in growing and styling your hair where it seems to resist conformity and become harder to manage. People experience this stage differently depending on their lifestyle.

The stage may appear when growing out a particular haircut. transitioning from one hairstyle to another, or when experimenting with different lengths.

It’s characterized by:

• Uneven hair length.
• Unruly hair texture.
• Hair lacking cohesion in appearance..

Many people go through this stage to achieve their desired hairstyles. The stage usually happens around the five to eight-month mark. Some people may find the stage awkward so they simply give up on having long hair.

Some may resort to having their hair cut to manage the situation. Despite the challenges, the stage signifies change, growth, and evolution of your personal style.

5 Tips to Go Through the ‘Awkward Hair Stage’

Go Through

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Here are ideas to help you avoid the looks and stares during the regrowth stage.

1. Disguise the Regrowth

You can hide the hair regrowth to get past the worst of it. Experiment with different parting styles to divert attention. Consider textured hairstyles such as loose waves or curls to give the regrowth a more blended appearance.

Accessorize with decorative hair clips to add an element of style while diverting attention from the roots. Give your hair a temporary cover using hair powders or dry shampoos in a shade similar to your hair color. This also gives your hair texture and volume.

Other ideas to disguise regrowth include:

• Use root touchup products or concealers.
• Strategically position low buns or ponytails to cover the regrowth.
• Adopt braids and twists into your hairstyle.
• Conceal the regrowth at the hairline using scarves and headbands.

2. Learn Styling

You can also manage the awkward stage by learning different styling techniques. This can help you to creatively camouflage uneven lengths and awkward patterns. This will give you greater control over your appearance. It also allows you to confidently navigate the challenges of transitional lengths.

Understand versatile styles that work well during this stage to choose one that adapts to varying lengths. Learn how to add texture and volume to create an illusion of more uniform growth. Master proper blow-drying techniques so you can manipulate your hair with a smoother and more polished look.

3. Cut Your Hair in Uniform Length

Another strategic approach to managing the phase more gracefully is to maintain a uniform length for your hair. It minimizes the appearance of uneven growth leading to a neater overall look. Uniform hair length keeps it healthy and well-conditioned making it look more vibrant.

You can enjoy various styles when your hair is cut in uniform length. Experimenting with different looks is possible without worrying about stark variations in length noticeable during the phase.

Other benefits include:

• Few trims to maintain an even look.
• Contributes to more balanced appearance.
• Allows your stylist to incorporate subtle layers.
• Simplest styling during the phase.
• Allows hair to blend more seamlessly.

4. Use Hair Extensions

If you’re growing extremely impatient as time flies to grow out your hair, extensions are a wonderful solution. You get a quick fix to achieve your desired length as you wait for your natural hair to grow. Extensions add volume to even and thin hair to create a fuller and more balanced look.

With extensions, you open up a world of styling possibilities. You can now experience updos, braids, and curls to add variety to your look. This is a clever trick to divert attention from any awkward patterns.

5. Create a Focal Point

This is a strategic approach to draw attention from uneven growth and regrowth. Emphasize a particular area to enhance your overall appearance while minimizing the impact of transitional lengths.

Here are ideas to create a focal point:

• Use a bold hair color or highlights.
• Incorporate statement accessories such as earrings and headbands.
• Opt for a statement hairstyle that draws attention.
• Consider asymmetric styles that vary in length.
• Play with makeup to create a focal point in your face.

Navigating the awkward stage is a moment for self-expression, creativity, and enhancing the beauty of transition.

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