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Wanna Be A Festival Vendor? Learn These Tips By Heart!

Well, since the coronavirus pandemic seems to finally be coming to an end just about everywhere in the world, now’s a good time to think about those festivals that we have all missed so much.

While many of your peers might be looking forward to going to a festival as a participant, maybe you have other things in mind. Maybe you want to make some money, right? Well, becoming a vendor is a good start. See these tips, however, before venturing forward into this gig.

Learn the Festival Layout

Want to attract customers? Knowing the festival grounds is half the battle. This way you’ll be able to post signs in key areas to attract customers to your stand. It’s also important to know where other vendors will be posted and which ones will be your direct competitors.

Know Your Paperwork

Numerous festivals will require substantial paperwork before you can start the collaboration, so it’s important to get this step solved way before the festival starts. You’ll most likely need to provide a sales permit and other related documents, plus your own liability insurance. For this, Eventsured can provide vendor insurance.

Figure Out Your Logistics

This includes knowing what time you will arrive at the scene, what products you’re going to sell, how you’re going to transport your merchandise, how long it will take to set up your booth, and numerous other similar issues.

Know Your Payment Providers

Most of the time, the festival venue will provide your booth with the necessary equipment to accept payments. Of course, this applies to festivals that offer their guests cashless bracelets or personalized cards where they can store their festival credit. However, not all festivals have this, so you’ll need to know in due time if you need to invest in a cash box, POS, and other payment methods – in which case you’ll need a payment provider.

Pre-Order Any Branded Gear

If you’re planning on making a name for your brand, then some branded merchandise never hurts. Or, otherwise, branded gear is always welcomed. Say, if you’re serving fries, then a branded fries holder will do the trick. If you’re selling books, then a branded tote bag might go well as a shopping bag for your customers. The examples are almost limitless, so it’s up to you to figure out what you might need.

Don’t Forget to Bring Supplies

You and your employees are human. As such, you’ll get hungry, thirsty, and so forth. So bring snacks, water, hygiene products, medicine, and anything else you’ll need in a pinch. You might also want to bring some basic sleeping equipment if you and your team will be working long hours. That way you can sleep in rotation so there’s always someone at the booth to bring in potential customers (this mostly applies to music festivals as they run non-stop).

Think About Giving Away Freebies

Handing out freebies is yet another effective marketing strategy. These can include discount codes for purchases made on your website, branded stickers, or any other small thing that you can get for cheap so your profit won’t be hurt. Whatever it might be, offer a freebie with every purchase made by a new customer at the festival.

Use the Festival’s Hashtag(s) When Creating Social Media Posts

Finally, one of the most effective ways to attract the current crowd of tech lovers to your booth is to promote yourself on social media. And what better way to achieve some organic reach than by creating social posts with the festival’s hashtags? You’ll be able to reach more and more festival-goers who might be interested in your products or services.

The Bottom Line

Got everything down? Good. Now it’s time to act. Put these plans into action and you’ll be on your way to success as a festival vendor. We wish you the best of luck! And we would kindly appreciate it if you could share our article if you’ve found it helpful.

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