beat 2020 winter blues

Ways To Beat The 2020 Winter Blues

Around the world, 2020 is likely to be remembered as the year of indoor living. People everywhere learned how to work from home, attend school from home, and how to make sourdough bread. While some places are starting to come out of isolation, many are still struggling with coronavirus worries. For many, harsh winters are a way of life.

For those facing yet another snowy season indoors with loved ones, boredom and a lack of travel and socialization opportunities are starting to take a toll. Indoor life doesn’t have to be boring. Think of ways to spice up a winter routine when binge-watching grows dull!

Cold Weather Meets Indoor Life

Many people around the world are beginning to see the end of quarantine. At the same time, other places struggle with new outbreaks and restrictions as we all try to return to normal. However, after months of lockdown and social distancing, few are looking forward to snow, ice, and curling up by the fire. A winter routine that usually feels cozy and charming is instead causing anxiety in many people.

If we’ve learned anything this year, it’s that our home can be much more than a place to live. It’s a sanctuary, a place to learn and work, and a place to be social.

Cider and Game Night

Celebrate the season with a recipe for mulled cider and plan a game night with family or close friends. Many people forget that the happiest memories we have are rooted in family, friends, and simplicity. Relish the events of this year as a way to pull back from expensive dinners and overcrowded parties for a fun time.

Whether you’re keeping it family-friendly or organizing a little get-together for adults, you can count on playing cards or watching a favorite sporting event together to cheer you up. Add a bit of rum to the cider for the grown-ups.

For those still wary of having visitors over, online casino games and betting are a great alternative. You’re also more likely to control your gambling and bet responsibly outside of a casino or track. For the best at-home betting experience with a generous welcome bonus, click here.

Make Your Space Comfortable

We often think of being stuck indoors for too long as a punishment. However, year after year, surveys show the happiest countries in the world are actually the coldest. Many of the world’s most content people live with a scarcity of daylight, long winters, and frigid temperatures.

What’s more, the happiest people tend to live without extravagance. Homes are often beautiful but functional, taking a minimalistic approach. Whether your space is your private retreat or never has a moment’s peace, keeping it comfortable without the chaos reduces stress. This means getting rid of all the quarantine clutter, baking cookies, and turning off the television in favor of holiday-themed music or whatever else makes you happy.

Take an Online Class

A lack of mental engagement often causes depression over the winter months. When a person feels there isn’t much to see or do, the home can feel like a prison. However, the mind is also a form of escape. If you find yourself dwelling on negative thoughts or boredom, look into an online class. From lectures about your favorite subjects on sites like digiday to the ability to study anything that captures interest on Udemy, learning will chase away the blues without feeling like work.

You may even be inspired to go back to school online. The whole world is at your fingertips without changing out of your pajamas!

Peace of Mind This Winter Season

This winter season can seem more daunting than celebratory after a particularly challenging 2020. The most important aspect of living a happy, productive, and balanced life is psychological. Remember, those who see opportunity and face change with a resilient, optimistic attitude tend to live better and longer lives!

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