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The Best Android Keylogger: How to Choose a Working App?

You may have different motivations to install keylogger apps. Often, you get suspicious about your spouse when he becomes a lot more conservative about exposing his phone to you.

Or say you are scared that your children are looking up unusual stuff on the internet and you want to glance at their internet search. Still, the opportunity is just beyond your reach.

Now the keylogger app is that magic you should know.

What Is A Keylogger, And How Does It Work?

Just before I lead you through the best keylogger for Android, it is relevant that you understand what a keylogger is and how it works.

“Keylogger” is just a compressed form for “keystroke logger.” A unique feature is an advanced spy app that enables a person to track every word typed on the targeted device.

All you need to do is to grant the necessary permissions on the target’s device; then, every typed word will be displayed on the dashboard of your spy app. That even can help you get to know how to track browsing history secretly.

The fascinating part about Android keylogger is that you can make the keylogger app hidden in the user’s device without the user knowing it. Notable, isn’t it?

There are a lot of keylogger apps on the internet, but mSpy stands out gallantly amongst them.

What Are The Outstanding Features Of mSpy?

The mSpy software provides a more comfortable usage in comparison to other spy apps, and below are a few of its outstanding features.

  • Check everything. With mSpy, you can see what the person is typing in all apps, including instant messengers like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Secure purchase. The purchasing of mSpy software has maximum security and offers various payment methods like Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and others. There is a balance between cheap and expensive in terms of its price.
  • Fast download. Compared to other spy software, mSpy has more accessible and quicker procedures. It takes approximately 1 minute to complete the download. And it takes less than 3 minutes for installation.
  • GPS Tracking. It is a primary feature for all spy apps, but mSpy comes with an advanced option known as Geo-fencing. This additional feature gives you a notification when your targeted user opens a restricted area. You can operate mSpy remotely. Although you will have to gain access to the device to install the software physically.
  • Remote control. mSpy is operated remotely. Although you will have to gain physical access to the device for a few minutes to install the software.

What Other Spy Apps Can You Try?

It is important to note that many different keylogger apps have unique features. A remote operation becomes possible for some of the apps listed below. It’s up to you what to choose.

Below there are some of the Android keyloggers you should know:


This spy software displays every keystroke made on the tracked device. According to the basis to which it was applied— an eagle eye that sees everything typed on the device. It also reveals all the Google and social media search entries and chats made on the phone. The efficiency of this keylogger for Android can only be underestimated.


It isn’t one of the random spy apps you stumble upon on the net, and the software is simply as excellent as it can be. The app can monitor your employees’ diligence and check the number of times they pick up their phones while on duty. And it has more than 35 features and provides you with extensive monitoring experience.


TheTruthSpy software has 15+ spying features for free and premium. Aside from the keylogger features, you can also use the app to save your user passwords should the phone get broken or stolen.


Since keylogging features are activated to track down everything typed on the target device, the developers of MobiStealth have ensured that their keylogger is as credible as possible. The most fantastic part is transferring data online to the dashboard without the other party knowing.


The best Android keylogger is its ability to monitor all keystrokes on your spouse’s device once activated. So you no longer have to worry about your children’s activities on their Android phones when you can track all their online movements from the comfort of your bedroom. Try out any of these apps, and enjoy a fascinating experience.

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