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The Best Plagiarism Checker Tools In 2022

Of all the skills in the world, writing is probably one of the most important. Eventually, even if you do not agree with this claim right now, you will agree with us once you consider the fact that there had to be some way in which messages had to be transferred from one generation to another.

On one hand, so many of us send and receive information via the process of writing textual messages either on our personal computers or other devices such as phones. These can be through instant messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp as well as electronic mail platforms such as Gmail and Hotmail.

On the flip side, writing is also taught to us before anything else in school. Indeed, many English teachers around the world complain that they are being made to focus too much on writing over all the other methods of transfer of information, for example, speaking. After all, how many examinations and/or papers are oral, and how many examinations are written?! It is pretty easy to do the math.

In this scenario when communication between members of the human race is dominated by writing, it makes all the sense in the world to be seeking all the tools you can for help in writing.

After all, these tools will assist us in not only impressing our bosses in offices but will also help us in making a positive impression on our teachers and professors in schools and universities respectively. Besides, writing is also important in profit-making in the corporate world.

The latest marketing techniques including copywriting, search engine optimization, and email outreach, all require the help of writing tools. Upon the realization of all of these benefits of quality writing, many tools have been developed to help people write.

One of the most important kinds of writing tools is the plagiarism checker. Plagiarism checkers, as the name implies, help you detect if your writing is too similar to another piece of writing.

There is just so much information available on the internet that there is a high chance that you might end up, knowingly or unknowingly, duplicating someone else’s writing. This will not only give others the opportunity to doubt your ethical standards but may also lead to you failing certain classes in school and/or university if you are a student.

Besides, in the case that you are a professional copywriter or content writer, having plagiarized content may reduce your content’s ranking on search engines, or, worse, the content might not even show up on search engines.

Plagiarism checkers help you eliminate the likelihood of all this happening. Sound pretty useful, huh? That is because they are! In the case that you want to start taking advantage of plagiarism checkers right now, know that you are at the perfect place.

We say this with so much surety knowing that, in this piece of writing, we will be naming and describing the pros and cons of the most popular plagiarism checkers of today!

A Worthy Side Note

As you may have guessed, these tools that we will be listing down are all online. Considering how you should be investing in the best of the best as far as enhancing your productivity is concerned, you should not compromise and settle for a mediocre internet connection that inhibits the speed at which you work.

In the case that you do find yourself in this negative situation or in the case that you do not have an internet connection at all, all we can do is recommend you to subscribe to one of the Xfinity internet plans. The internet service provider will ensure that your connection is not only quick but also reliable.

Best Plagiarism Checkers

Now that we have gotten you an internet connection that will enable rapid access to plagiarism checkers, let us move straight to the list we have referred to in the topic of this article. The most well-received plagiarism checkers of this year are:


One of the most important ways to check for errors in your writing is by using Grammarly. And by errors, we are not only referring to plagiarism errors but also errors relating to grammar, including but not limited to passive voice errors, incorrect subject/verb agreement, and singular/plural agreement errors. It also catches all the grammatical errors related to punctuation.

Besides, you can also rely on it to tell you about any sentence structure issues. Finally, Grammarly also lets you know in case you are making a spelling mistake. Nonetheless, in the context of Grammarly as a plagiarism detector, it is important to mention that the platform requires a paid subscription if you want it to detect plagiarism.

Note that the basic grammar mistakes can be identified through the free version as well. However, considering how affordable the price is, we can safely say that paying for it may be the best investment you make if your profession is related to writing.


With all the talk about plagiarism checkers, we could not have missed out on the amazing plagiarism-checking platform, Copyscape. The platform is used by many copywriters as well as content writers alike for making sure none of their content is a duplication of another person’s writing.

Perhaps, the biggest advantage of Copyscape is that it gets the job done at a very affordable price. In fact, getting an entire document checked for plagiarism may very well cost you as low as a few cents!


Unicheck is for people who are the most paranoid about being caught for plagiarism. It is the favorite of these kinds of people because it checks, at the very least, 91 billion library files and pages.

Basically, if your document passes through Unicheck, there is an extremely slim chance that you will be caught for plagiarism. Besides, the fact that Unicheck boasts a 99.9% system uptime means that you can use it whenever you want to.


For now, this is it. All we want is for writers like you to benefit from this article and choose the plagiarism checker that best fits your needs.

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