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Books Which Will Inspire You To Change

If you are an avid reader, but cannot find the zeal to be productive every day or be positive about life in general, then we have a solution.

Use your reading capabilities, and read these books, which will help you change your life in the best way possible. These will talk about smart ways to be productive, the philosophy of life, how to not just plan but do it, and most importantly, the art of loving oneself.

If you cannot find these books in bookstores, you can download them for free from The Pirate Bay.

Books For A Good Life

Here are some of the books you can read. These will inspire you to change to a much healthier life.

1. Screw It Let’s Do It – Richard Branson

Have you ever wondered what it would have been like if you had just done it? Not overthink about it for days on end, make plans, and prepare for failures, but just did it.

This is exactly what we need in our new reformed life. The zeal to just do things and not lose your enthusiasm amidst all the overthinking. Richard Branson in ‘Screw It Let’s Do It’ teaches you vicariously. It is a record of stories from real-life examples where individuals didn’t give in to their fears and did the thing.

This book is like fuel that will drive your passion and motivation to do things rather than just thinking about them. There is nothing more fulfilling than reading about other people’s successes and failures and understanding what you need to achieve something.

2. The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

This is a classic book that will teach you all the deeper philosophies of life and how love, friendship, and powerful lessons are much more important than material treasures.

The story begins with Santiago and his journey to Egypt after giving fuel to a recurring dream which told him about these treasures found in the heart of a pyramid. However, the writer beautifully portrays the euphemism of ‘Treasure’ since it is the journey that gave him more treasure than the destination.

On his way, he met scholarly mentors who taught him the meaning of life, he even fell in love and learned the highs, and highs and heartbreak of this phenomenal feeling called love.

The book will teach the meaning of dreams and how one must pursue them in spite of the obstructions that will come their way.

3. Eat Pray Love – Elizabeth Gilbert

“Learning to love yourself. It is the greatest love of all.”

Whenever we hear this famous line from Whitney Houston, there is a spark within ourselves. A call to love ourselves more than anything and choose a little selfishness for our own good. However, it is not that easy, and sometimes we need the motivation to keep thriving with all the love we have for ourselves, without the need or pressure to get external appreciation.

If you have just gone through a breakup and cannot find the zeal, this is the best book for you. A one woman’s memoir of finding herself after a divorce. She travels through Italy, India, and Indonesia and lives her best life by accepting herself the way she is.

It is not about the travels, but the beauty in finding yourself after losing yourself in loving someone else is what stands out in this book.

4. Smarter Faster Better – Charles Duhigg

Are you one of those individuals who always write ‘Being Productive’ as their New year resolution and then sleep until the afternoon just the next day?

How to be productive?

This seems like a million-dollar question. Well, Charles Duhigg’s ‘Smarter Faster Better’ gives you painstakingly detailed research on psychological behaviors, realistic easy, and productivity patterns of successful CEOs, pilots, FBI against, and broadway singers.

So, along with understanding the neuroscience behind productivity, you are getting inspiration from experts.

Get Set Reading!

So, now that you have to list, there is no waiting to start a brand new reformed life. Pick them from your local bookstore, or download them right away from the link given above, and start reading.

Happy reading!

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