capture perfect shots on romantic gateway

5 Ways to Capture the Perfect Shots on Your Next Romantic Gateway

Everyone wants to ensure your honeymoon is all about the two of you and soaking up quality time together. It doesn’t hurt to give a little extra thought to how you’re capturing these moments. 

It is especially true if you’re planning a visit to a romantic destination. A few strategic photos will help you relive your memorable trip for years to come!

1. The Plan

You have to ensure that you have a good sense of the place and can bring out its beauty in the images. You can pose in front of iconic locations and landmarks representing your romantic getaway. It will help give context to your memories down the road.

You should not be afraid to dress up, even though you might be traveling in casual clothes most of the time! Packing one item specifically for photos, say, an all-white outfit, can go a long way in making sure at least some of your trip pics are magazine cover-worthy.

You can scout out specific locations before you go, so there are no surprises on site. If possible, go in person or have someone familiar with the place check it out for you. Or consider hiring someone locally to do this legwork for you and send pictures back so that there are no questions when it comes time to shoot!

2. Gather Ideas for Your Photo Session

One of the best first-date ideas we’ve heard is that someone should propose to their significant other over lunch. You have to consider where you want to have your meal. (You don’t have to ask for a proposal, ask if they like cheese.) 

Then figure out what you want as a date—a hike? A picnic? A walk in the park? It gives you an idea of what might be fun and romantic. It lets both of you contribute to the date. If it’s at a restaurant, then order something interesting on their menu. 

Or if you have your own home, then cook together for dinner. The point is that whatever way the two of you are doing your day together before they ask how long they can keep taking each other out, use that time to get ideas of what kind of memories and experiences they want on their first dates together as a couple.

What Time of the Year Does Your Romantic Getaway Fall?

The first step to planting your feet on the ground (literally) is to choose the right season for a romantic photoshoot. You can consider these factors:


An aspect that you can not miss is checking on the weather. Many often decide on a place or time of the visit by referring to today’s weather conditions. However, you can refer to the forecasted weather conditions during your stay.

What time of year does your romantic getaway fall? Is it during a warm summer or crisp autumn? If so, perhaps a quaint outdoor setting will make for an even more beautiful backdrop than any indoor location could. 

Is it during a cold winter or rainy spring? In this case, you will want to get prepared with appropriate clothing and footwear to take full advantage of the outdoors rather than being stuck inside all day.


Along with weather conditions, you should consider how temperature might affect your attire and plans for the day. For instance, if you are traveling somewhere farther north, colder temps may make it difficult to shoot outside at certain times of the day. 

Perhaps plan a scenic morning shoot inside before heading out into warmer temperatures in the afternoon to enjoy some time basking in nature’s beauty together.

What Time of Day Should You Take Your Photos?

The best time of day for taking photos is in the early morning or late evening. The sun is lower in the sky, so the light is softer, more consistent, and flattering to your complexion. It’s a bonus if you can schedule your trip around that time of year when the sun rises and sets earlier in the day.

These periods could be brief depending on where you are and the time of the year. You can ensure that you get prepared with a game plan for where you want to shoot pictures, what kind of clothes you need to bring, and how long you expect it’ll take to get from one location to another.

3. Being Aware of What’s Around You

So you’re in a beautiful location with someone you care about, and now it’s time to take advantage of the incredible opportunity in front of you. Don’t let this chance go to waste! Be aware of what’s around you at all times. 

If it looks interesting, especially if it’s something out of the ordinary, then do your best to capture it! Here are some tips for when and where to look:

  • Exciting and unique locations
  • Interesting angles and backgrounds
  • Attractive lighting (sunrise/sunset, backlit, silhouettes)
  • Unique weather phenomena (rainbows, snowstorms, fog)

4. Dress for the Occasion

There can be indefinite delays during your commute from one location to another. You would be glad if you chose comfortable dresses for the occasion. It is because plans can get doomed, and you may have to be in the same clothes for hours.  

5. Extra Planning Makes All the Difference

With a bit of extra planning, you’ll be sure to capture magical moments on your next romantic getaway. You can review your photos and take notes on the subjects you want to keep photographing. 

If you notice that you have an extensive collection of photos of your favorite dessert, then make sure that you visit that restaurant again before your trip ends. The same goes for the places or things that have become some of your favorites during this vacation.

You can find out that there is still someplace or something else you would like to photograph. You can ensure to go back and get the best shots possible so that none of those special moments get lost in time.

The most important thing for capturing magical moments on a romantic getaway is relaxing and enjoying. You’ll be sure to come home with a lot of great memories. Happy travels!

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