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7 Tips on How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a New Partner

When you have just decided on the seriousness of your relationships, many unresolved questions may arise starting with preferences and to things that cannot be forgiven.

At this stage of relationships, you don’t know each other well, so many things can be a surprise. The same applies to the first joint Valentine’s Day, and perhaps each of you has different expectations from the holiday.

We have made up with 7 tips on what you should remember not to mess your first Valentine’s Day up.

1. Discuss Expectations

A constructive dialogue will always come you in handy, so you should not forget about it during the holidays either. If you have doubts about the place for dating, express them. The same applies to the partner – listen to them if necessary.

It’s great if you find the time to discuss everything you want shortly before the date: ​​share your views on the celebration and discuss what you are waiting for. Yes, the element of surprise will disappear, but the mood will certainly not be spoiled because one of you is very romantic, and another one is pragmatic, and you have found out about that only on Valentine’s Day.

2. Try Not to Think Through All The Details

The first joint Valentine’s Day with the girl that you have met on ru-brides.com as well as any other holiday imposes obligations on you, so you may try to seem too good to her.

However, this approach can lead to distress instead of a cheerful mood. After discussing expectations, try neither to follow a clear plan nor to show a perfect version of yourself. Just spend time together and enjoy the moment. The same applies to conventions associated with the holiday.

It is not necessary to create an intentionally romantic atmosphere if both of you are not enthusiastic about this venture. Do what you like, not the people around you.

3. Do Not Overdo It with Gifts

If you’ve managed to get to know each other well, then you can safely give expensive gifts. But if you have been together just for several months, then try not to invest too much money and meanings in a pleasant surprise. It may suddenly turn out that the partner does not like the fragrance of the chosen perfume, and you are not happy with their gift as well.

Of course, the fact of the present itself should already please, but there is nothing worse than an unwanted surprise. A universal option is pleasant memories.

4. Create Your Traditions

The most interesting thing in the new relationship is the feeling of a blank slate. You can come up with anything you want, including celebration rituals.

Think about what you associate with Valentine’s Day and agree to celebrate the event every year using personal traditions: you might want to visit a bar where you spent time together for the first time, watch a movie or go on a weekend to a new city.

5. Do Not Compare Your Couple with Others

Social networks are literally full of photos with 101 roses on Valentine’s Day, an ideal date in the most expensive place in the city, a sudden trip to Bali to celebrate the holiday, and so on.

Naturally, these pics can develop an inferiority complex. Try not to focus on other people’s standards, and it doesn’t matter whether it is about some bloggers or your friends. Instead, focus on each other, your desires and your needs.

6. Create the Atmosphere

Maybe, it will be awkward for you to celebrate the event by candlelight and with rose petals throughout the apartment, and this is quite normal. If you doubt that you know each other enough to give intimacy to Valentine’s Day, celebrate it in light mode, for example, play bowling. You should not be extremely romantic if you do not want it yet.

The same thing works in the opposite case. Feel free to take every opportunity to spend the day in a special way: visit spa treatments, use tealights, and massage each other. It is only up to you how the holiday will pass.

7. Immerse Yourself in the Holiday

If you do not have a specific opinion about Valentine’s Day, what prevents you from celebrating it traditionally? Exchange cute cards, treat each other with chocolate or cotton candy, watch a heartbreaking melodrama.

Even if you perceived the holiday as something trivial in past relationships, now everything can change because the main thing is how you feel together. The first Valentine’s Day with a new partner is a unique event, so try to get the best out of it.

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