Choose an Image for a Photo Shoot

How to Choose an Image for a Photo Shoot: Ideas and Tips

The right image makes a photo shoot effective, emphasizing the model’s artistry. It is important to think in advance about the concept and the style of the upcoming shoot because the choice of clothing, makeup, optimal location, and angles depends on it. The choice of the image can be the photographer’s or the model’s task.

In the first case, we are usually talking about a TFP photoshoot, when there is a desire to realize an interesting creative idea and allow a non-professional model to get beautiful pictures for free. If the shooting is paid for, the client/customer chooses the images themselves or together with the photographer. In any case, the face editor online RetouchMe will help to bring the footage to perfection. To make sure the image will be really impressive, you can use the recommendations of professionals.

What to consider when choosing an image for the photo session?

The main source of ideas and images for photo shoots is creative thinking. But before you turn your fantasy into reality, go over a simple checklist.

1. Purpose of the shoot. It’s important to determine what the photo session will be about: adding to a creative portfolio or family album, solving business problems, increasing the confidence or self-esteem of the model (it can be a kind of therapy), etc. The specific reason is not important, you just need to be aware of it.

2. The season and location of the shoot. Images taken in the studio and outdoors are strikingly different in character and lighting. If the photo shoot takes place outside, match the image to the weather. Of course, you can play on contrasts, but it does not always look good.

3. The personality of the model. The nature and features of the human face often dictate a certain “palette” of the most successful images. If the model is not a professional actor/actress, the transformation into images that do not match the type of personality will look unnatural.

4. The age of the model. An outfit that goes against the age of the model’s body and face can add a few extra years or even make the appearance comical. The concept of the image may be the same for many different people, but the choice of specific clothing is very different.

5. The model’s color type. The shade of hair, skin, and eyes dictates the color palette against which a person will look more effective. This allows for an unmistakable choice of outfit and location.

6. Rules of harmony. If there will be several people in the frame, it is important to keep the general stylistics of their outfits, and images. Harmony should be traced in fabrics and textures, the choice of shoes and hairstyles, and the mood.

Ideas for images for a photo shoot

• Psychological portrait. In this genre, the main bet is on the transfer of individuality, so the basis of the image is an outfit that corresponds to the character of the model.

• Fashion diva. A photo shoot in the style of a glossy magazine suggests spectacular outfits and no less spectacular makeup. For inspiration, we recommend leafing through fashion publications and choosing the most interesting references.

• A dancer or fitness expert. If a model has success in sports or choreography, why not make it the subject of a photo shoot? This is a great chance to take interesting pictures in motion. All you have to do is pick the right outfit and the right location.

• A lady or a gentleman (retro or vintage style). Each of us sometimes wanted to go back to a time when notions of elegance and beauty were quite different. To recreate the retro charm, you can look into your grandmother’s attic or a city flea market.

• Sensual flower. Such a shoot is a great way to get in touch with your sexual self. It is not necessary to expose the intimate parts of the body! The objective is to reveal a person’s sensual beauty, which lies in the curves of the body, looks, and gestures.

• A fantasy image. To get beautiful atmospheric photos, you can take any thematic costumes as a basis: associated with professions, holidays, urban legends, mythology, etc. Here the scope for imagination is not limited.

Experiment with clothes, accessories, and locations for shooting to create bright memorable images!

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