choosing a camo wedding dress

10 Things To Consider Before Choosing A Camo Wedding Dress

When it’s time for probably the most fun during the entire wedding planning, it can be nice to be prepared. Here we have collected 10 tips that can be good to think about before you venture out into the jungle of buying camo wedding dresses online.

1. Look For Inspiration

Tear out pages of magazines, and click your way through the vast jungle of bridal shops online, such as Cicinia Bridesmaid Dresses. You can find Top 10 Wedding Dress Trends for 2021 & 2022, explore Pinterest and check out celebrities’ choices of dress to get an idea of what exactly you like.

Do you like a tight-fitting maiden dress, a fluffy meringue or is it the back that is most important on the dress? Save all the inspiration and create your own moodboard.

2. What Do You Usually Wear?

Check out your own wardrobe, what kind of dresses are there? Does the wardrobe consist of only figure-hugging lines, dresses with a special neckline or are they all strapless? If everyone follows the same pattern, it is highly likely that it is something you love and enjoy.

3. What Is Your Budget?

It can be an advantage to set a budget before you find the dream dress that has a slightly higher figure on the price tag than you thought. Otherwise, be sure to give your prospect something to drink in the day you choose to tell how much the wedding dress went on.

4. Set A Wedding Theme

Before you start looking for your wedding dress, it can be an advantage to decide what type of wedding style you should have. Should it be a casual garden wedding, in a beautiful mansion or should it be in a vintage theme?

Always keep the place and theme in mind when it’s time to choose a dress, does it fit in or does it create the completely wrong feeling?

5. Choose Three Adjectives That Describe Your Dream Dress

Whether you want a style that feels classic, vintage and comfortable or romantic, elegant and beautiful, it is a great help for both you and the staff when you need to find the right look for the big day.

Choosing three words that describe your sense of style can help you keep down the range of jungle of dresses.

6. Find The Right Bridal Shop

Do your homework before you go out and book bridal rehearsals and consult with loved ones, look around online for the bridal shops with the best service.

It will be a great help along the way when choosing a dress! You can also choose to contact the store in advance to be sure that the store has dresses in your price range.

7. Go Out On A Dress Hunt

Book a full day with your bridesmaids, your mother or someone else you love and go out on a dress hunt and simply try to get tired. You quickly notice what you like by testing different styles, but do not be afraid to test something you had not intended, it is important to dare! From intricate lace to sleek designs, find the perfect balance of sophistication and comfort. Don’t forget to try on a bridal gown with long sleeves as a stylish option for your special day.

8. Limit The Number Of Companions

Yes, you love your mother, your sister and your closest friends. But try to keep down the number of people who come with you to your bridal party as many opinions can get too messy. The ultimate is to bring with you 2-3 people you trust and can be honest with.

9. Wear The Right Underwear

It can be difficult to see what a strapless dress looks like when you wear your bra in screaming colors. Make sure you wear a bra without, or with detachable shoulder straps. Also remember to wear underwear you can show off in, so leave the thong at home.

10. Buy The Dress In Your Right Size

Many of us are in hard training before the big day when the plan is to lose that extra kilo. So it can be easy to think that it’s OK if it’s a little tight right now, but I’ll still lose a few kilos.

But remember that once you buy your dress that it is easier to sew it in than the other way around as the wedding approaches. It is important that you can breathe throughout the day!

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