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What Color of Swimsuit Should Kids Wear?

Color is an important factor to consider when choosing a child swimsuit. Bright colors, neon or fluorescent colors, or a combination of these, may not be appropriate for your child. You can also choose stylish colors, like the ones you can find at Janie & Jack. These tips can help you decide which swimsuit is right for your child.

Bright Colors

Bright colors in kids’ swimsuits help your child stand out from the crowd. They also make them more visible underwater. A brightly colored swimsuit is easy to spot and can improve your ability to spot your child in distress. It is important to remember that bright colors are not a replacement for proper supervision.

In a study conducted by a company specializing in aquatic safety, it was found that neon colors made children more visible in the water. This was particularly true during Memorial Day weekend. However, neon colors were only sometimes visible in larger bodies of water and deeper levels.


For kids, neon swimsuits can help them get noticed in the water, whether in a lake or a pool. Most of the time, other colors blend in with the water, making your little one difficult to spot. However, in the case of neon, you can be sure that your little one will be able to stand out and be noticed, which is a good thing in the case of drowning. According to a study published in Pediatrics, a Florida hospital reported a 600% increase in pediatric drownings in 2014 and 2015. The majority of the cases involved kids younger than three years old.

A new study by an aquatic safety firm has shown that neon colors are the best for visibility in the water. They have performed tests with more than a dozen colors to determine which was the most visible. While light blue and white are the least visible colors, neon pink and orange are the most visible colors. Kids can also stay visible in the water by wearing a life jacket.


Fluorescent swimsuits for kids are an excellent way to protect your child from the sun’s harmful UV rays. These clothing items have UV protection ratings of 50+, are comfortable to wear, and can be found in many sizes, from small to large. Some models are even available for pre-order.

These suits are made from a special fabric that can help protect your child from the sun’s harmful UV rays. The fabric is quick-drying and has UPF 50+ protection. Kids can buy them in sizes ranging from 3T to 16.


Stylish swimsuits for kids can be cheap to be fun and fashionable. You can find adorable designs at a clothing store. For example, the brand sells bikinis with fun prints and cool board shorts for your little masters. And because the brand sells fast-fashion items, the prices are also reasonable.

Kids’ swimsuits come in various styles, from funky swim trunks to rash guards for protection. You can even find ones with athletic design features such as chlorine resistance and UPF protection. Many of these swimsuits come with matching water shoes, protecting your child’s feet while playing in the water.


When choosing a new swimsuit for your kids, consider their comfort. The right color will keep them comfortable and visible in the water, which is important in an emergency. Some colors will keep your kids cooler, while others will keep them warmer. You also want to choose a swimsuit that offers good sun protection.

A good swimsuit is also made of a durable material that won’t tear easily. In addition to being comfortable, your child’s swimsuit will protect them in case they get into trouble. The right colors will make them stand out in the water, which can save their lives if they get in trouble.

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