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Cosmetic Surgery Trends to Watch Out For: Plastic Surgeons’ Predictions

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons doctors have identified clear, strong trends in the industry which reveal that a big pendulum shift has taken place. The most sought after surgeries over the past two decades—including breast augmentations, liposuction and (more recently) Brazilian butt lifts hasn’t changed, but the zeitgeist certainly has. These days, it’s all about the “natural look” and about addressing issues that wresting from patients’ quality of life—or experience discomfort while they’re undertaking their favorite sports.

Intimate Feminine Surgery

Many women experience pelvic floor disorders, caused by lack of vaginal support of the pelvic organs. For instance, they may experience genito-urinary prolapse. Others may wish to tighten their vagina after giving birth, or correct changes to the structure of their labia or perineal area after an episiotomy. Intimate feminine surgery is as much about creating a smooth appearance as it is about restoring function. Common procedures include the vaginoplasty (also called vaginal rejuvenation) and labiaplasty  (to correct a condition in which one or both sides of the labia grow to a larger size). A newer treatment is the O-shot—a non-surgical procedure that uses PRP (platelet-rich plasma) from your own blood to stimulate vaginal and clitoral renovation. This procedure enhances sexual enjoyment.

Shrinking BBLs and Breast Augmentations

Breast augmentations and Brazilian Butt Lifts are still in vogue, but sought-after implant sizes are now smaller than in the past. Women are opting for implants that are proportionate with their body shape and size, instead of large implants. Extreme looks are out, and natural ones are in. Some women are also opting for implant removal or opting for structural fat grafting, which uses fat from one’s body to enlarge and uplift breasts, instead of using silicone or saline implants.

Body Contouring

What was once called a “mommy makeover”—a set of procedures that included liposuction and tummy tightening—is now being embraced by many more patients than just new moms. Liposuction and skin tightening are two popular procedures, though some patients are also opting for abdominoplasty, in an effort to obtain a tight, smooth abdominal area. Some patients are having contouring procedures that involve reshaping the body. These procedures can include liposuction, fat transfer, and a breast lift or augmentation.

Targeting Unique Zones

Liposuction used to be exclusively centered on the belly area but these days, patients are asking for stubborn fat to be removed from novel areas like the ankles and lower leg. This type of surgery is considered “fine-tuning” as surgery can be performed quickly and patients have a relatively lower deadlines than is the case for a major liposuction.

The success of non-surgical procedures like CoolSculpting is also enabling patients to target a myriad of areas in the body—including the “double chin,” waist, back, and things. CoolSculpting, which is an FDA-approved procedure, involves freezing fat cells. These cells are then eliminated through the urine in the weeks following this “lunchtime procedure.”

The world of cosmetic surgery is once again turning to nature for inspiration. Patients are still opting for butt lifts and breast augmentations, but they are more into harmony and a natural look. Those seeking improved functionality are opting for surgery such as the labiaplasty, or even trying out newer treatments like the O injection, which boosts sexual pleasure.

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