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Steps to Create Business Cards Using MS Publisher

A business card is a key tool in maintaining fruitful, long-lasting customer relations after the initial buying process. It serves as a constant reminder of a company’s contact information and reinforces the overall company image. It is also invaluable in both building and sustaining word-of-mouth advertising.

Do you need to design new business cards or replenish your old stock? Whatever the case, you can quickly design and create business cards without any hassle using Microsoft Publisher. However, if you’re not using Windows but Mac and want to download Microsoft Publisher for Macs, there are viable alternatives you can try because Publisher isn’t available for the Mac.

Now, take a look at the steps for creating eye-catching, unique business cards using Microsoft Publisher.

• Launch MS Publisher

To start designing business cards, you need to launch the Microsoft Publisher app from the Start menu. It can also be invoked from the taskbar if you’ve pinned the application there.

Then, you have to click File > select New > click Business Cards.

• Choose a business card template

As you click on Business Cards in the previous step, you’ll get a variety of templates to choose from, or you can decide to create one from scratch.

Once you’ve chosen the template, you have to select the size of your business card. Typically, enterprises select the North American 3.5X2 card design. The design will let you format a single card and not provide you with a template of ten cards. There’s no need to duplicate your efforts, and you can see the card’s layout in the later steps.

• Personalize the business card

After you’ve selected the card template and size, it is time to customize. Your selected template will open in an editable format where you can edit the name, address, title, phone, logo, etc.

Start by choosing the font and color scheme you prefer, and under Business Information, select to Create New. You’ll be redirected to a Create New Business Information Set window where you can enter your business’s contact information. If you have a company logo, you can place it here. You need to select the Insert tab and click on the Picture button. Then, find your corporate logo and insert it by double-clicking on the file name.

When the logo appears on the card, you can drag it to your preferred place. If you wish to resize the logo, press and hold the Shift key, select a corner, and draw towards the middle. The logo will shrink. You need to follow the same process to add your picture to the business card.

• Choose your preferred background

To change the background, go to the Page Design tab and select the Background button. Then, click More Backgrounds and browse through the various compelling backgrounds you can use. It can be a gradient, texture, or pattern. If you’re satisfied with the background, click the OK button.

When selecting a background for your business card, ensure the background is visually appealing but doesn’t overpower the text. The text on the business card must be readable, or else your customers wouldn’t know where to find you.

If you are using a pre-made stock photo, there’s no need to change the background, and you can skip this step. Also, you can skip this step if you don’t want to personalize the card template and are happy with the design.

• Save the file

After you’ve finished editing the business card template, don’t forget to click the Save As button. If you forget, your changes and edits won’t be saved, and you will have to redo it again.

As a cautionary measure, you must save the document while performing each of the steps mentioned above to avoid losing work due to power loss or sudden system crash.

• It’s time to print the business card

If you have completed the formatting and are satisfied with the editing and customization of the business card, the final step is to print the card. You have to navigate to File and click Print. A pop-up window will appear where you’ll get a set of printing options, such as document quality, the number of pages to print, etc. You have to provide all the necessary printing information and then click Print.

You can set the number of business cards that will be printed on each page. However, the maximum number is 10.

So, go ahead and create business cards yourself using Microsoft Publisher. Once you master it, you can save a lot of money.

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