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How to Dispose of a Car That No Longer Runs 

After many years of service, cars can become inoperable in any way. Whether the vehicle has been involved in an accident during which sustained severe damages or simply cannot run properly, you may be wondering what you should do with it. 

Depending on your financial situation and the amount of time you want to devote to the project, there are several options you can consider. From repairing the mechanical or electrical issues of the vehicle to selling it to a private buyer, the key is to choose the option that best suits your needs.

To help you along the way, we have written the ultimate guide discussing what you should do if your car no longer runs. 

Salvage the working parts

Even if your car doesn’t run properly, it doesn’t mean that it’s completely non-working. In fact, your ride probably still has several working parts such as the engine or the transmission, which you can remove and sell for quick cash. 

If you don’t have the tools or skills to do the job yourself, you can always take your vehicle to a junkyard nearby where you can salvage the working parts. At the junkyard, professional junk buyers will dismantle the car for its valuable components and give you money in return. To get the best rate, you should shop around for reputable junk car-buying companies near you and compare different quotes before settling on one.

For instance, if you live in the Philly area and want to junk your car in Philadelphia fast, look for the nearest junk car-buying company where you can make an application and get an instant offer on your rundown vehicle. 

Sell the car independently

Even if your car can be repaired, you should still consider selling it and making extra money in the process. Sometimes, the mechanical or electrical issues of the vehicle can cost a lot more than what you may expect, which can seriously take a toll on your savings later on. Even if the issues can be fixed, there is no guarantee that your ride will continue to run properly for many years to come. 

In addition to selling your vehicle to a junk car-buying company, there are other selling paths you can take to get rid of your inoperable car. For instance, there are plenty of car enthusiasts who are willing to pay a great amount for rundown vehicles. These people may be collectors of such cars and will use their skills and knowledge of automobiles to fix the ride to their liking.

Trade it 

Another way to get rid of your non-working car is to take it to a local mechanic to see whether they are interested in buying it. In fact, many mechanics and repair shops purchase damaged and totaled vehicles or cars that don’t run and use them for parts. They will do a thorough examination of your ride to identify its working components, remove them from the vehicle and then resell them to third parties. 

However, if you choose to trade your vehicle in at a dealership, there are a few things you need to be aware of. For instance, the amount of money you will get from trading your car will most likely be less than what you could get by selling it to a private party. Car dealers and mechanics cannot offer you its full value because they also need to make a profit. They will also have to spend more money and time sprucing up the vehicle to make it more presentable to their buyers. 

Donate it

If you want to avoid going through all the hassles of repairing or selling your inoperable vehicle, you always have the option of donating it to a charity organization. If you choose a good charity you will receive a great tax deduction for your donation. Once the car is recycled or sold at auction, you’ll get a receipt with the sale amount which you can deduct from next year’s taxes.  

For instance, if your junk car sells for more than $500, you can claim the same amount for which it is sold. However, if it’s sold for less than $500, you can claim a fair market value of up to $500.

Final thoughts

If you have a car that no longer runs properly, there are several options to get rid of it and make money along the way. Depending on your financial objections, you can either sell the vehicle to a junkyard or a private buyer for extra cash or simply donate it to a charity organization. Follow the steps in this post if you’re wondering what to do with your junk car.

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