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How Do I Start Driving Again After A Conviction?

by Lois Earles

When you have requalified as a driver after a ban or a loss of your licence, you need to make sure that you are getting back on the road in the right manner. This is not going to be the same as simply starting to drive after an ordinary break, and you need to ensure that everything is above board. Here are some of the steps you should take when driving again after a conviction.

Don’t Repeat

Many motorists are convicted for driving whilst under the influence of drugs, this is seldom for recreational drugs, but for prescription drugs. Seems unfair, but these medications are prescribed with advice not to us when operating machinery or driving. Now that you have spent your conviction, take extra precautions that you do not repeat by making simple mistakes of a driver under prescribed drugs that cause you to fail a roadside drug test. If you are convicted, getting convicted drug driving insurance can work out expensive, so think twice before driving when under prescribed medication.

Check That You are Cleared to Drive

You might have to approach the DVLA for clearance, or you might be able to find a solicitor who is able to check for you, but you need to double and triple-check that you are actually cleared to be out on the roads again. It could be incredibly frustrating for you if you have gone through everything only to discover that you should not have been out on the roads.

Get Insured

You might find that your insurance premiums have shot up after receiving your conviction. This can be a real concern for some, as they might be worried that the cost of their insurance premiums will actually keep them off the road.

Instead, you just need to find the right policy and insurance provider for you. Finding a provider who specialises in offering dr10 insurance, for instance, means that you might could find a policy that is more affordable than you might have imagined. Though it might still be more costly than a standard insurance policy, a dr10 insurance specialist can help people get out on the roads with the proper legal protection that they need.

Undergo Driving Courses

As part of your motoring conviction, you might have had your licence removed from you. This means that you have no choice but to requalify as a driver, and this means redoing the necessary tests. You might also have been ordered to undertake some refresher courses to ensure that you are a safe driver.

It is very important that you book in for these courses and complete them, even if you think that you do not need them. They could be a mandatory step in getting back on the road, and you could run into more trouble with the law if you do not complete them properly.

Even if you lose your licence, so long as you do not have a lifetime ban there is no reason why you cannot start driving again. This is going to take some work on your part, and a lot of patience when it seems like things are running slowly, but you should be able to get out on the roads eventually. When you do, be glad that you are able to get out on the roads again, and don’t make the same mistakes that you did before!

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