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Easy Drawing Ideas for Beginners: Best Things to Sketch

by Lois Earles

When we think of easy drawing ideas for beginners, a thousand-branched tree and sweeping landscapes are the first thoughts that pop into our minds. Although these are among the easiest subjects to draw for beginners, you need not limit yourself to them because art inspiration is everywhere.

Whether you’re looking to improve your drawing style or merely want some leisurely inspiration, these simple ideas are sure to help you out.

Faces and Expressions

Beginners often avoid drawing faces and expressions as they are considered to be difficult subjects. Though drawing full-fledged portraits will undeniably need time and practice to master, you can start your art journey with some basics, like the following.

#1. Eyes


Image source: Pinterest

Drawing a realistic eye is not as difficult as it’s made out to be. The trick to perfecting it lies in small details. For instance, instead of coloring the pupil entirely black, include a small rectangle or a circular patch to convey light reflection. You can also try drawing a closed eye or an eye with a teardrop.

#2. Lips


Image source: Pinterest

Drawing lips in isolation can be a great precursor to moving on to a full-fledged portrait. You can either draw full, closed unsmiling lips or include teeth to indicate a smile.

#3. People in Action

People in Action

Image source: Pinterest

From running to writing to climbing trees — when it comes to depicting people in action, there are endless options. Though a slightly difficult subject to attempt, it can be a rewarding experience. Few other action themes could be boxing, swimming, eating, or just sitting in a leisure pose.

#4. A Famous Figure

A Famous Figure

Image source: Pinterest

You definitely have no dearth of options to pick here. It could be a celebrity, a sportsperson, or your favorite artist, you can attempt to draw a portrait even if you find it tough. After all, how else would you learn?

#5. Self-Portrait


Image source: Pinterest

If you can’t think of a good enough subject, just pull out your photograph and draw away! Or better yet, hold a mirror to your face and practice!

#6. Caricature


Image source: Pinterest

A caricature is a portrait with features that are overly disproportionate or exaggerated. It creates a comical or grotesque effect while retaining the resemblance. Although this is an art you need consistent practice to master, it’s a fun art form to attempt even as a beginner.

#7. Clown


Image source: Pinterest

Happy, sad, or scary, who better than a clown to express different emotions and expressions? Drawing a clown can be a great way to start with portraits, as you have the liberty to experiment.

Cartoon Animals

Cartoon Animals

Image source: Pinterest

Who doesn’t love cartoon animals? Not only are they fun to watch, but they also offer artists some easy drawing options. You can either draw an animal from a popular cartoon or pick an animal of your choice and add a funny twist to it. The most common characteristics of cartoon animals are their large eyes and human-like expression. Here are some ideas to get you started:

#1. Adorable Mickey Mouse with his huge ears, white gloves, red shorts, yellow shoes, and the iconic laugh-smile.

#2. Doremon with his large eyes, cute round face, and red nose.

#3. The shrewd Bugs Bunny with his long pointy ears, large buck teeth, elongated eyes, and the accompanying carrot.

#4. The mischievous Donald Duck with his ochre-colored legs and bill, blue sailor cap and shirt, and the iconic red bow-tie.

#5. Tweety, the cute yellow canary with her large glassy-blue eyes and long, fluttery eyelashes.

#6. Winnie the Pooh, the cuddle-worthy bear with his adorable tummy fitted into the cute red t-shirt. Don’t forget the pot of honey!

#7. Snoopy, the charming white Beagle with his smiling face. All you need are shades of black and white colored pencils!

#8. Goofy, the tall dog sporting the famous orange turtle neck, black vest, coupled with pants and shoes. He’s probably one of the most colorful cartoon animals.

#9. Peppa Pig, with its elongated cute snout and colorful outfits.

#10. Lastly, the iconic duo of Tom and Jerry.

Buildings or Architectural Structures

Whether you live in a bustling city or a quiet village, buildings and other architectural forms are everywhere. You can choose any building of your choice and try to recreate it on paper. Here are some simple drawing ideas for buildings or architectural structures.

#1. Lighthouse


Image source: Pinterest

Tall and towering, lighthouses are by far the easiest structures to draw, paint, or sketch. They are conical-shaped buildings, tapering toward the top where there’s a room with a lantern. Generally drawn with red and white colors, for a more pleasing finish, you can add ocean waves, and huge boulders to its surrounding.

#2. The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower

Image source: Pinterest

Triangle-shaped and narrowing, the Eiffel Tower is one of the easiest structures to draw when it comes to buildings.

#3. Cityscape


Image source: Pinterest

Cityscape drawings and paintings consist of tall rectangular buildings with colorful twinkling lights. Additional details can include streets, vehicles, people, and hazy reflections.

#4. Bridges


Image source: Pinterest

Whether it’s a simple stone bridge over a river or famous bridges like the Golden Gate Bridge or the London Bridge, they are easy to draw and pleasing to the eye.

#5. Church Archways

Church Archways

Image source: Pinterest

Majestic and mundane at the same time, church archways are not very easy subjects to draw. But with slight detailing and some effort, they can turn out satisfyingly well.

#6. Houses


Image source: Pinterest

Be it thatch-roofed houses or ranch-style cottages, houses are a few of the easy structures to draw or paint.

#7. Castles


Image source: Pinterest

A typical castle drawing consists of a central conical tower topped with a flag and two or more supporting towers adorned with windows. You can add mountains in the background for a dramatic finish.

#8. Parthenon


Image source: Pinterest

Simple and elegant, the façade of Parthenon is easy to draw with its triangular top and cylindrical columns

#9. Windmill


Image source: Pinterest

An old-fashioned windmill consists of a top dome, curved sides with doors and windows, and an X-shaped central fan.

#10. The White House

white house


Image source: Pinterest

The White House is a rectangle-shaped symmetrical building with a triangular roof, rows of windows, and four columns at the front.


If there’s one theme that offers numerous easy drawing ideas for beginners, it’s nature. From mountains, forests, and streams to trees, flowers, and leaves, you’ll never run out of ideas to draw. Let’s take a look at some easy subjects to start your drawing journey.

#1. Sunflower


Image source: Pinterest

Bright, beautiful, and vibrant, sunflowers are not just easy to draw but a treat to the eyes too. A typical sunflower drawing has a round, brown central head with several golden-yellow pointed petals surrounding it.

#2. Tulips


Image source: Pinterest

Tulips are beautiful flowers with U-shaped buds of different colors and a long thin stem.

#3. Hibiscus


Image source: Pinterest

Hibiscus is a trumpet-shaped flower with contoured, drooping petals and a thin stamen emerging from its center. Its leaves are lance-shaped with a toothed margin.

#4. Lotus


Image source: Pinterest

With layers of teardrop-shaped pink petals, a lotus can be both easy and difficult to draw. Though the petal shapes are easy to draw, maintaining the consistency and preciseness of their size are difficult to achieve.

#5. Rose


Image source: Pinterest

At first, drawing a rose seems like a difficult task. But in reality, once you get the hang of it, the drawing process is merely a combination of simple shapes and spirals.

#6. Leaves


Image source: Pinterest

From tear-shaped willow leaves to spade-shaped poplar leaves, you have plenty of options in this subject. You can either draw a solitary leaf with intricate details or a bunch of leaves of different colors and sizes. Maple leaves are amongst the most popular and beautiful to draw.

#7. Pine Trees

Pine Trees

Image source: Pinterest

Pine trees with their needle-shaped leaves are a popular subject in most landscape paintings. However, these triangle-shaped trees make for great independent drawing subjects too.

Paisley Designs

Paisley designs are curved, comma-shaped designs that were popularly used in ancient traditional shawls and garments. However, it’s now a trendy pattern that’s widely used in textiles, accessories, and the clothing industry. From iPhone cases, skirts, and t-shirts to journal covers, you can spot these designs everywhere!

Despite their simple shape, there are limitless ways to make a paisley design unique and beautiful. Once you draw its basic outline, you can fill its body with a plethora of intricate shapes, colors, patterns, and designs.



Image source: Pinterest

Food is a great subject for artwork as it’s not just easy to draw but is also appealing, interesting, and universally recognizable. From still-life drawings to realistic paintings, you have lots of easy drawing ideas for beginners when it comes to food. Here are some examples:

#1. A plate of pastries, sweets, or cupcakes.

#2. A bowl of eggs.

#3. Citrus fruits or watermelon slices.

#4. Drawings of full fruits like apples, oranges, pears, mangoes, or bananas.

#5. A glass of water.

#6. A bunch of grapes.

#7. Ice-cream cones with colorful, swirling ice-creams.

#8. A cup of tea or coffee.

#9. A plate of sandwiches, donuts, or waffles.


Drawing mandalas is proven to be a great stress-busting activity. At first glance, mandalas seem like a complicated subject to draw for beginners. But with little patience and practice, you’ll be able to master this beautiful art form with ease.

The key to drawing mandalas is to have a slow and steady approach. You first draw a circle and then divide it into four equal quadrants. There are no rules when it comes to filling up the quadrants. From circles and diamonds to triangles, loops, and raindrops, you can draw all sorts of symmetrical designs and shapes in and around the main circle.



Image source: Pinterest

Most people’s favorite activity to while away time and ward off boredom is doodling. However, doodling has come a long way since and is now a popular, newly found art form. This relaxing and repetitive art is simple and easy while being very pleasing aesthetically. Here are some easy doodling ideas.

#1. A group of dandelions, either intact or with their tendrils flying.

#2. Potted cacti bearing flowers. You can add some intricate patterns to the pot.

#3. Tropical leaves of different shapes and sizes. You can also paint it in different hues of green.

#4. A page full of tiny cars, bicycles, bikes, or trucks.

#5. A bunch of beach essentials like seashells, cute umbrellas, ice lollies, and cool beach drinks.

#6. Cute animal faces like kittens, dogs, bears, or koalas.

#7. Doodling a colorful and pretty polaroid camera.

#8. Bouquet or jar with flowers.

#9. Salt and pepper shakers.

#10. A repetitive design featuring your favorite fruit, flower, or animal.

#11. A bunch of crystals, pie slices, musical instruments, or leaves.

#12. Geometric shapes like squares, cubes, triangles, and diamonds.

#13. Concentric circles filled with different colors.

#14. Jellyfish.

#15. A group of aquatic animals like fish, crab, or sea anemone.

#16. Colorful butterflies.

Drawing Tips for Beginners

Here are some tips to improve and enhance your drawing skills.

#1. Don’t limit yourself to a particular theme or subject. As a beginner, it’s recommended to explore as many techniques, styles, and genres as possible.

#2. Try different mediums of drawings and paintings. Charcoal, pens, pastels, crayons, watercolor, acrylic are some examples.

#3. Begin with a light outline when starting a piece and then darken it as you proceed.

#4. Learn about color theory and the color wheel. It’ll give you an edge when it comes to knowing about the various color combinations and arrangements to enhance your work.

#5. The key to improving your skills is practice and consistency. Commit to a particular place and time to draw daily. You can consider joining platforms like Instagram and Tumblr where you’ll find a host of daily challenges and prompts to keep yourself motivated.

#6. Take help of reference images and tutorials to study, copy, and learn drawing from when you’re starting. It helps you gain insights into angles, compositions, and textures.

#7. Practice the art of observation. It can help you develop your artist’s eye and master the level of detailing in your drawings. Detailing involves including the right amount of light, shadows, depth, line thickness.

#8. Finally, let go of perfection and focus on improvement. Seek constant feedback from peers, teachers, and fellow artists and have fun while improving your skills.

Drawing Tools Needed to Get Started

Drawing Tools

Here’s a list of must-have tools for your drawing kit that’s bound to make your drawing journey easier.

#1. Pens and Pencils

#2. Erasers

#3. Sketchbooks, unruled notebooks, or a stack of papers

#4. Crayons

#5. Compasses and protractors

#6. Rulers or any straight-edged tool

#7. A pouch or a kit to store all your tools

A Few Parting Words

So that was the list of easy drawing ideas for beginners. From food to people to doodles, you now have a wealth of options to choose from! Now all you need to do is develop a consistent and regular drawing habit, and it won’t be long before you turn into a pro artist!

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