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5 Top Engagement Ring Trends Your Partner Should Know About

Getting engaged is undoubtedly one of the most memorable milestones you can experience with your partner. It gives you the opportunity to take the next step into your relationship, enhance your bond and promise eternity with your significant other. The best way to commemorate this moment is with an engagement ring.

However, giving the perfect engagement ring is often challenging for people as there are many styles to choose from that will best represent the love you have for each other. The truth is ring trends change every year, making it more difficult for fiancés to keep up with the latest ones that will woo their beloved.

Lucky for you, we have decided to save you the trouble of searching for the ideal engagement ring by creating the ultimate list of five top engagement ring trends you and your partner should be aware of for your proposal. 

Pearl engagement ring

Pearl engagement rings are one of the best choices you can consider for your engagement. The precious gemstone featured in the ring symbolizes loyalty, harmony and purity, which is what engagements are truly about. 

Also, due to the pearl’s lustrous beauty and timeless appearance, you can be sure that you will definitely stand out from the rest if you pick this engagement ring style. To make the right choice, explore your options by searching for different pearl engagement ring styles from reputable pearl jewelry sellers online such as pearlsofjoy.com to find the perfect ring for your engagement.

Pear-shaped diamond ring

If you are looking for a more lavish engagement ring style, then the diamond ring is a great option for you. The truth is diamonds have long been considered the most popular choice for engagement rings, specifically for solitaire rings, where the gemstone stands alone in the center and attracts all the attention. 

Out of the various diamond engagement rings available, the pear-shaped diamond ring is often the most preferred choice as it looks feminine and sophisticated. The pear-cut gemstone reminds of a tear which is why many jewelry experts say that it represents tears of joy. 

White gold ring

Another ring trend your partner can consider for your engagement is the white gold engagement ring. Generally speaking, white gold is the most popular metal used for wedding and engagement rings because it is simply gorgeous and can provide a timeless look for any style. 

Although the most classic option among future fiancés is a white gold diamond engagement ring, additional gemstones such as sapphires and pearls can also work great with this ring type. For a more unique appearance, you can get the gemstone in any shape, color and size and allow your partner to stand out from the rest.

Colored engagement ring

If you are looking for something edgier and eye-catching, then the colored engagement ring trend is the best option for you. This ring style typically features colorful and vivid gemstones such as rubies and sapphires, all of which help create a slew of beautiful pieces to choose from for your engagement.

One of the greatest things about colored engagement rings is that you can actually get a combination of all popular ring trends to design a customized one that suits your skin tone and style. For instance, the white gold diamond engagement ring with a green emerald gemstone can be the perfect option. 

Personalized engagement ring

Because every love is unique, you might as well look for an engagement ring that is a true representation of the bond and love you share with your partner. This is where personalized engagement rings come in and allow you to design a piece to which you can add personal touches symbolizing your eternal love.

A popular way to personalize your engagement ring is to have it engraved with a special date, your initials or a meaningful saying. The engraving will usually appear on the inside of the band, but you can also do it to the exterior of the ring, depending on the type of ring style you have chosen.

Final thoughts

Although getting engaged is one of the most beautiful and memorable experiences a couple could have, things can get a bit challenging when it comes to shopping for the perfect engagement ring. 

With so many different engagement ring styles available, it may be difficult to choose the one that best represents the bond you share with your significant other. That’s why make sure you refer to our post and learn about the latest engagement ring trends to commemorate your love in the most unique way. 

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