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30 Everything Happens for a Reason Quotes: It’s Their Loss, Not Yours

It’s safe to say that the saying everything happens for a reason is a familiar one. Throughout our lives, we experience heartache and loss, and sometimes these feelings can be difficult to deal with.

However, if there’s one thing that can make anyone feel better, it’s believing that everything really does happen for a reason.

Whether you’re going through a bad break-up or a rough period in your life, reading some inspirational quotes can help you on your way to recovery. Here are 30 everything happens for a reason quotes to brighten up your day.

Everything Happens for a Reason Quotes after a Break-up

#1. “Life always waits for some crisis to occur before revealing itself at its most brilliant.” — Paulo Coelho

#2. “We must be willing to let go of the life we’ve planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” — Joseph Campbell

#3. “I’m thankful for my struggle because without it I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength.” — Alex Elle

#4. “Watching you walk out of my life does not make me bitter or cynical about love. But rather makes me realize that if I wanted so much to be with the wrong person how beautiful it will be when the right one comes along.” —  Anonymous

Everything Happens for a Reason Quotes to Lift Your Spirits

#5. “Realize that if a door is closed, it’s because what was behind it wasn’t meant for you. “ — Mandy Hale

#6. “Your strength doesn’t come from winning. It comes from struggles and hardship. Everything that you go through prepares you for the next level.” ― Germany Kent

#7. “I always say that things are meant to be and everything happens for a reason, so I don’t have any regrets.” ― Kevin Pietersen

#8. “Everything happens for a reason. That reason causes change. Sometimes the change hurts. Sometimes the change is hard. But in the end, it’s all for the best.” ―  Ritu Ghatourey

#9. “Life’s too precious, so have fun, treasure the memories, say what you want, do what you want, have no regrets and remember everything happens for a reason.” ― Abhishek Tiwari

#10. “I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” ― Marilyn Monroe

#11. “Success is not a miracle. Nor is it a matter of luck. Everything happens for a reason, good or bad, positive or negative.” ― Brian Tracy

#12. “Eventually all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments, and know everything happens for a reason.” ― Albert Schweitzer

#13. “Sometimes a “mistake” can end up being the best decision you ever make.” ― Mandy Hale

#14. “I think everything happens for a reason and all the things that happened to me – good, bad – I’m glad they did. It’s made me ready for life, for adulthood.” ― Freddy Adu

Everything Happens for a Reason Quotes to Keep You Motivated

#15. “Everything happens for a reason and something better will come along for me!”  ― Selena Gomez

#16. “Just remember everything happens for a reason. We just have to pick ourselves up, and look on the bright side of life.” ― Megan Smith

#17. “There is nothing that can happen TO you that can’t also happen FOR you…if you’ll let it.” ― Mandy Hale

#18. “Everything happens for a reason and a purpose, and it serves you.” ― Tony Robbins

#19. “Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right. Forget about those who don’t. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would most likely be worth it.” ― Harvey Mackay

#20. “I feel that things happen for a reason and open up new opportunities.” ―  Jil Sander

#21. “I’m one of those people that think things happen for a reason, and you just have to look for the reason.” ― Clint Black

#22. “God lets everything happen for a reason. It’s all a learning process, and you have to go from one level to another.” ― Mike Tyson

#23. “Most things happen for a reason and it may take years to discover why, but this is almost always for the better.” ― Ursula A. Ciller

#24. “Even seasonal situations can bring with them lessons that last a lifetime. If the love doesn’t last, it prepares you for the one that will.” ― Mandy Hale

#25. “When you’re a teenager, a year can be crippling to maneuver through. Some things happen when you’re like 13. All of a sudden you go from being this really confident, no-worry little kid to having all these weird insecurities for no reason.” ― Kristen Stewart

#26. “I trust that everything happens for a reason, even if we are not wise enough to see it.” ― Oprah Winfrey

#27. “The pessimist reasons that things just happen, where the optimist believes that things happen for a reason.” ― Anthony Liccione

#28. “Everything happens for a reason. The daily tragedies and misfortunes are all meaningful events, leading toward an ideal conclusion. With that in mind, there probably isn’t really any meaningless misfortune.” ― Melchor Lim

#29. “Miracles happen every day, change your perception of what a miracle is and you’ll see them all around you.” ― Jon Bon Jovi

#30. “Someday, everything will make perfect sense. So for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, be strong and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.” ― John Mayer


Sometimes reading a motivational quote is all it takes to change your outlook on life. If you’ve been beating yourself up over something that wasn’t your fault, it’s time to take that negative energy and turn it into something positive instead.

Ultimately, believing that your life is headed in the right direction and that everything happens for a reason is the best way to overcome any bad thing that comes your way.

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