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11 Bizarre Excuses People Have Used for Cheating on Their Partner

by Lois Earles

Some love stories are inspirational, some are adventurous, thrilling, and emotional, while others can be quite the opposite. There’s no end to the possible outcomes of a couple being in love. However, whenever things feel vague, it is okay to talk it out and fix it mutually, or part ways like any mature person would opt for.

Here are some bizarre excuses people have used for cheating on their partners. Guess not all clowns wear a red nose?

1. “I Wanted To Know What It Felt Like To Date…”

They are people who make an excuse to cheat because they want to experience dating someone from a different racial or ethnic background. It’s fair to have preferences, but these explorations really need to stop when you’re in a committed relationship with your partner.

2. “I Cheated On My Other Partner with You”

This feels like a double stab. Not only were they cheated on, but secondly, they were also the side-chick in the whole relationship, ouch. Indeed, a pathetic excuse to justify cheating. We say storm out of this toxic person’s life as fast as possible.

3. “I Liked You But,”

It is not common for people to come up with bizarre excuses such as this one. If someone likes you enough to be with you in a relationship, they will not consider building a connection with other people in a similar respect, period! Men and women both can often resort to this excuse; in case you’re wondering, do women cheat more than men? Well, that’s a debatable topic for another day!

4. “She’s Your Twin…Does It Count As Cheating?”

Well, this is a big yikes; not only do you cheat on your partner with their sister, but also one who looks like her too. First of all, you are jeopardizing your self-worth, but allowing someone into your life who’d break your family apart is just a whole new level of toxicity! Just run!

5. “You’re were too Nice, I’m Doing You A Favour By Cheating On You”

The good old excuse that’s traveled the world. This is such a cold-hearted thing to say to anyone – chauvinism at its best! These people, indeed, have a special place made in hell. Blaming others seems like the easiest thing to do when you can’t admit to cheating; we understand that. But on a serious note, people really need to stop using this ancient excuse.

6. “I Was Looking For An Excuse To Break Up”

When you’re in a relationship, it’s okay to fall out of love. People drift apart all the time. The mature thing to do here is accept it, and move on – MUTUALLY! If you’re unhappy in your relationship, you should focus on getting out of it. Cheating should never qualify as an excuse to break up. Just morally wrong, right? It’s not too hard to own up and part ways from things that drain you.

7. “I Lost Focus”

You cannot seriously entertain this nuisance of losing focus in a relationship. Well, unless they’ve mistakenly used the word “focus” when all they meant was “interest.” If a partner loses interest, either they do something to work on it or call it quits. Sailing on two boats has never done anyone any good!

8. “The Lights Were Off, and I Couldn’t See”

“Laughing Out Loud!” If it comes down to this, you may as well save yourself some dignity and walk out. This excuse doesn’t deserve a conversation unless your significant other is “literally” visually impaired. Next, please!

9. “He Caught Me Cheating; Serves Him Right For Spying On Me”

“You did this to yourself; you were going through my phone to get hurt” making yourself the victim after being caught cheating is the worst thing to say to justify your actions.

If you have been suspicious about your partner’s behavior, have that talk with them first. Give them a chance to come out clean. Cheating for cheating? Umm, that sounds super messy!

10. “I Just Have A Flirty Personality”

Yes, you are fun-loving, cheerful, flirty but also sleazy to find any girl or guy attractive. A flirtatious personality cannot be your ticket to cheating. Just don’t entertain being in a committed relationship if you cannot hold your horses back. Everyone wins!

11. “I’m An Alpha, and That’s What We Do”

And finally, finishing with a bang and lots of cringes, this monstrosity.

A massive red flag, to say the least. There should be mutual understanding and respect between two people, willing to be together. If they feel or believe otherwise due to their nature, learn to walk away! You may want to give it a go, but trust us, you’ll fail miserably! Protect your sanity, self-respect, and worth by staying miles away from “Alphas.”


The stories and excuses shared above are just prime exaples of being in a relationship with the wrong person. Cheating is a choice, which becomes a habit. So if your partner has/or is cheating on you, don’t blame yourself. Always try to evaluate some things before getting into a relationship, and do not rush! A person who likes you enough, will stay, no matter what!

Although saying these might not fulfill the void you may feel reading these excuses but hope you know you’re not alone in this! At least that gives you a reason to be happily single until you’re willing to try again! Keep smiling!

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