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6 Fashion Style Tips for Plus Size Women: The Secret of Looking Good

Is it hard for you to feel confident in your own skin due to your bigger than average body size? Do you often feel frustrated trying to find the best style that can make you look good, but still comfortable at the same time? 

Well, worry not because there are lots of things you can do to achieve a slimmer look for big-size women. Keep reading to know more about how you can be confident and slimmer with these clothing models!

1. V-neck clothing

T-shirts with a V-neck collar is one of the clothing models that will be very suitable for plus size people. The reason is that the shape of the V-neck collar can make the shoulder line look more assertive, while at the same time helping to balance the wide hips and thighs.

To look even slimmer, choose a dark-colored V-neck shirt, such as navy, maroon, olive green, or black. Guarantee this combination will make you look very good!

2. Straight silhouette 

Avoid wearing clothing that is too tight, because it will show all the fat in our bodies. Thus, choose clothes with a straight silhouette so that your body can look slimmer. Not only tops, but you should also choose jeans with a straight silhouette model. This can help to make your legs look longer and slimmer.

3. Vertically striped shirt

Striped clothes can be combined with any bottom, and are suitable for all body shapes. A plus size body will be less advisable if you wear a vertically striped shirt. It can create a slimmer silhouette, unlike a horizontal stripe patterned shirt which will make you look bigger and wider.

Clothes with vertical stripes are perfect for plus size people.  Because the stripes can make your body look longer and slimmer.

4. Layer clothing with a blazer

Have a blazer at home but don’t have the confidence to wear it?  Don’t worry, a blazer is one of the clothes models that are suitable for plus size people. You may feel afraid of how to do layering because you are afraid that the layering technique will make your body look bulky. 

But this is not the case with a blazer! Blazer actually will help to cover your curves, as long as you choose the right blazer model. For a plus size body, it is advisable to choose a blazer that is longer than the waist and has a classic cut. 

Wearing a blazer as a daily outfit will also make your appearance look more trendy and attractive! Be it for a formal setting or a casual day out, a blazer is a perfect outfit you can wear on any occasion!

5. A-line dress

Who says a plus size girl can’t wear a dress and look good in it? Don’t listen to the negativity around you and just believe that you will look beautiful nonetheless of what you wear. As long as you are confident in your own skin, you can wear anything and look good in it!

The A-line dress is one of the clothing that is very suitable for plus size people. The a-line dress model has a tighter cut on the upper area and a wide bottom. These cuts of a-line dress can give the body the effect of looking slimmer and taller. Guaranteed your appearance will look more elegant and charming.

It is also recommended to use a dress with a soft and flowy material, instead of a thick fabric.  Because soft and flowy material can cover the curves better to make them look slimmer.

6. Small floral prints

When you have an oversized body, it does not mean that you can wear a full motif outfit, and constantly wear plain color clothing. You can still wear a floral pattern shall you wish. Clothing with floral motifs will make your appearance look sweeter and more attractive. 

However, don’t choose clothing with a large floral print. If you want to look good and slimmer, you should opt for a small flower motif. Big prints motifs will make the body shape look bigger because of the crowded pattern that will make the body shape invisible.

These are some clothing choices that will be very suitable for plus size women. Guarantee following the tips above will help to make you look slimmer and more confident. To shop for these wonderful clothing selections easily and affordably, check out Temu

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