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Find Reliable Local Tradesmen with These Helpful Tips

by Lois Earles

Most tradespeople are reliable, skilled, and diligent. Nevertheless, if you have one who isn’t, it might mean spending what seems like an eternity living on a construction site, thousands of pounds in wasted money, or a poorly done project that could cause issues for years to come. How can you tell if a tradesperson you’re considering is trustworthy? Finding a trustworthy tradesperson, according to a recent study, is the biggest barrier preventing consumers from performing home maintenance and improvement tasks. These are our top recommendations for how to locate the most qualified craftspeople to assist you in starting your project.

Check With Your Local Council

Your local council is the ideal location to start looking for a trader; you may find the council’s website online. In the event that there are many councils, pick the county council. On the website of the council, search for “approved traders” or “trading standards.” 

When companies sell to clients, a municipal agency makes sure they are not breaking the law. The council may give a link to another website that lists reputable traders in your area or include approved dealers on their list of approved dealers.

Ask for References

Don’t be afraid to request a few references. Then, contact the referees and ask them directly about the tradesman’s work and service. If it’s a significant task, you might want to visit the site to inspect the quality of his workmanship. Ask the builder why they won’t supply references if they won’t; it is frequently extremely revealing of them.

Check Building Regulations

You might need to obtain a building regulations compliance certificate from your local council for particular types of work. This certificate demonstrates that the work was done safely by local builders and to the required standard. Your tradesperson can provide you with a certificate if they are a participant in a competent person scheme or a government accreditation program.

Make Sure They Are Legitimate

Wherever you locate neighborhood contractors, be sure to check their references before letting them work on your house. They must have insurance and, if necessary, a license to perform the work. 

Before accepting any employment or paying for any services, make sure to ask about this when interviewing possible service providers. Any contractor who is unable to provide the necessary data should not be trusted.

Don’t Employ a Cold Caller

A trader or business showing up at your door isn’t always a scam; they can actually be in the neighborhood or doing door-to-door sales. Nonetheless, we advise rejecting these offers. 

You won’t know whether their work is of high quality or whether their fee is reasonable. If you are enticed by a deal, get the trader’s information and ask them to put together a complete quote. Just provide your address and first name as contact information. 

After that, thoroughly research the project on your own time, ideally getting a second opinion and a quote from other dealers. Never be forced to make a purchase or sign a contract right away. Even if it’s not against the law, it’s undoubtedly unethical and ought to be a major red flag.

Find a Trade Association

If you’re still having trouble finding a trader, see if the kind of business is represented by a trade association. Trade associations frequently have requirements for businesses to join. On the Trade Association Forum website, you can browse the list of trade associations or search by the kind of trader you are. 

Each type of company may have more than one trade association. Visit the website of any trade associations you discover to find a list of their members. If you already have a dealer in mind, they may have stated on their website or in any correspondence with you that they are a member of a trade association. To confirm that they are actually members, you should visit the trade association’s website.

Don’t Pay Before the Work Has Started

Never pay for the work up front; always wait until the work is finished to your satisfaction before paying in full. If you do give the contractor the money up front, the job might take longer than anticipated, or you might have trouble getting the contractor to finish.

Request Quotes from Tradespeople

We generally advise getting at least three quotes from several tradespeople in your area for any home improvement project. To make sure you’re paying a reasonable amount for the work, you should compare prices. Also, inquire if the price provided to you includes VAT.

Ask for Examples of Previous Work

Examine a trader’s prior work before choosing them. Internet reviews can help paint an image, but you shouldn’t rely exclusively on them because they can be biased. A reputable trader should be able to provide you with a list of previous satisfied customers to call or visit. 

Building surveyors are another excellent resource for referrals. Use Companies House to find out how long they’ve been in business—the longer, the better—and check their finances to see if they have a solid financial foundation that will enable them to reimburse you in the event of a mistake.

Find Out How Long Have They Been Trading

It’s a common practice among contractors to rack up debt with suppliers of materials, file for bankruptcy, and shut down the business, leaving you with an incomplete project and no other options. So, request their firm information (company name and number), and inquire about their experience in business as well as whether the company is operational, dormant, or defunct. You can do this by using Companies House’s web-check tool and downloading annual reports and accounts. 

We hope this article has given you some tips on how to locate the top local trademark attorney. To that end, be sure to obtain various quotes from accredited local professionals before selecting one to do the job. Before deciding, have a conversation with them, look over their profiles, and read testimonials from previous clients to get a sense of the design and caliber of their work and decide whether they are the right choice for you. 

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