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Top Rated Fitness Tracking Apps For Every Style Of Training

Need some tools to help you stay motivated and on track with your fitness goals? Your smartphone might be all the motivation you need. Tons of gym tracking apps can monitor your progress, give you fresh ideas, new workouts, and help you achieve your fitness goals!

Having to work out on your own doesn’t have to be as dull as it sounds. Whether you’re a committed runner, an avid yoga instructor, or love high-intensity interval training exercise, there is just the right gym tracking app for that. With technological advancement, your handheld gadget can be your trainer with just the swipe of your fingers.

Finding The Right Gym Tracking Apps

List of good apps for tracking your fitness in the gym

Searching for the right fitness routine is an intimidating endeavor, but once you find one that suits your needs and calms you up with ease, working out will be seamless. You will also need to maintain consistency with the routine to benefit from the workouts. That’s where technology can help; a proper gym tracking app will be of service as both a personal trainer and training partner. How cool is that?

After researching the best fitness apps on the market, we’ve come up with a list depending on their quality and reliability to help you get in shape. Find which one is right for you based on your needs and preferences, and start working out today.

Why Do You Need A Workout App?

Our favorite fitness tracking application

Let’s chat about the reasons why you need a gym tracking app. To be honest, there are plenty of home workout activities that are great for those who want to stay active at home. But sometimes, these workouts can get stale when you don’t change up your routine often enough. Adding exercise apps into your fitness routine ensures that you add the social aspect to your routine.

Free workout apps with a social element can seriously boost your motivation when you’re struggling to work out. With a new generation of fitness apps coming out that include social aspects, it’s even easier to discover new workouts or share ideas with fellow users. You will have a community space with other individuals working out at home to keep in touch with.

Many brilliant workout apps are there for you to try, and exploring the list is a great way to supercharge your current workout routine. From yoga to jogging in the park, there’s an app for everyone.

The Best Gym Tracking Apps

top fitness tracking apps

1. BodySpace

This free weightlifting app tops the list of our best picks, especially for those with a specific goal in mind. You can create your workout program or follow one that has already been made.

One of the unique features of this app is that it automatically keeps a record of your past workouts and displays how you have progressed. The app allows you to quickly find exercises using the site’s extensive Exercise Database on moves that are often challenging to execute without guidance from a fitness professional or trainer properly.

The app is available for both Android and iOS.

2. Zombies, Run

Running and jogging fanatics here’s your app. Zombies Run is a gaming and fitness app for runners. After installation, there’s an adventure waiting as you are briefed on a story detailing that you are the few survivors of a zombie apocalypse. Your mission is to run to the remaining humanity’s outposts, gather essentials, help other survivors and get to fight the monstrous creatures.

How Does It Work?

You get to complete the mission by running either on the treadmill or neighborhood. While you can save lives by running on walking trails or jogging on a treadmill, the most important thing is to be able to run for your life. Through your headphones for mission briefings and music playthrough, you will be alerted if you are chased by zombies; the survival plan requires you to speed up.

The missions are accessible to the fourth one, but additional ones will be unlocked at the cost of $5.99 per month or $34.99 a year. Unlocking Pro removes the weekly payment and grants unlimited access to over 260 missions and segmented training. You need the adrenaline rush in the morning; get the Zombies, Run app.

3. Simple Workout Log

Would you like to track weight lifting workouts without a complicated app? As simple as a pen and paper but with enhanced app features? Well, Simple Workout Log is your solution. This simple app is perfect for those who prefer simplicity and want to also use their phone or tablet to track their routine weightlifting workouts.

Simple Workout Log is ideal for people who want to maximize their time working out without navigating through an app. It takes a minimalistic approach to have the features you’d essentially need and expect. It will allow you to enter your routines, weights used, and the number of reps. If your powerlifting routines are consistent, they can also be organized.

The app is available for Android Users here, but for iOS users, the app is a work in progress. However, the web browser version is also available and has the features you’ll need for your workout.

4. Daily Yoga

Whether you have been practicing for years you’re a newbie to yoga; Daily Yoga is your go-to app. With more than 100 classes from experienced instructors and an introduction course two weeks tops for newcomers, this app lets you squeeze in some meditation whenever it suits your busy schedule.

Daily Yoga has a host of valuable features, including video tutorials. The app also allows you to monitor your progress as you go closely. There is a section titled ‘Community’ for the social aspect where you get to interact with other like-minded users, including sharing tips and encouraging others.

5. Zwift

Ahhh yes, Zwift. This app right here is my personal favorite of them all. Zwift is of course a fitness tracking app but it is also much more than that. It’s perfect for those who enjoy cycling both indoors and outdoors.

Zwift cycle is an online application for users who want to both track their progress, get pre-selected workouts, ride with their friends and other users around the world, or for anybody who simply enjoys having fun while working out. Zwift works with almost any spin bike and can be made to work with a select few models of exercise bikes.

Zwift in more recent years has also become available for runners with their integration into certain zwift compatible treadmills which allows users to compete in professional races across the globe on the Zwift platform, run with their friends as well as all of the other features that Zwift cycle comes with.

6. Strava

Strava’s primary goal is to provide a motivational community for athletes. If you are tired of frequent unnecessary posts from other workout apps, this is the app you are after. The app focuses mainly on monitoring and keeping tabs on your progress while offering a competitive space with other users. Need healthy competition? Strava takes the spot on social apps.

Strava aims to connect athletes across the globe, including cyclists, runners, and other professionals that share stats like speed, pace distance, and elevation gain during workouts based on your GPS data. After your workout, the activity on your map is displayed, sharing with other users.

Strava has a comparison feature that allows you to see how you stack up against other people and encourages others in your community. The site also features workout goals, medals for various accomplishments, and an open platform to share highlights of their activity such as stories, highlight photos of the best moments in a run or ride, and showcase stats like the best time on the leaderboard. People looking for encouragement from others through comments and kudos can find them here.

7. FitOn

The FitOn app is a workout platform that combines HIIT, strength training, toning sessions, yoga exercises, and cardio routines in each session. The team of trainers includes Queer Eye’s Johnathan Van Ness, among other star-studded trainers.

FitOn is arguably one of the best if not the best free workout apps. The app offers most of its features for free, but there is also a premium plan. After creating your profile, you get access to numerous videos and exciting exercise routines on the go.

8. Jefit

If you are swayed by good visuals, Jefit is your fit. The app features clear photos and videos of real people performing over 1,300 exercises. The branded visuals are available on their database to help you get the right moves for a workout.

Jefit also has routines, which you can work through for days or even weeks. Lifting exercises have pre-built routines that suit your needs. Alternatively, you can create a different pattern every day or choose from the pre-built templates if programming isn’t your cup of tea and you don’t feel like designing them yourself.

Jefit also offers an application that can track your workouts. The app allows you to log the reps and sets and a timer that reminds you of your next workout session.

9. Strong

Strong is an app geared toward long-time and beginner weightlifters and offers a platform of helpful features to stay on track. Among these are demonstrating new exercises, watching instructional videos to help you perfect your form, and the option to customize rest timers. Hence, you stay on schedule for your workout routine. Another valuable feature is saving any workouts as templates ready for completion at the next workout session.

You can also chart your progress for any exercises and track your body composition and other measurements of your choosing.

Get to track your workouts with Strong, a feature-rich weightlifting app that lets you follow multiple types of exercise as every kind of workout is covered accurately. Tags can also be set for warm-ups or failure to achieve the workout objective.

10. Gymaholic

Gymaholic is a free well-detailed app for weightlifters. It includes every workout set, including supersets, tri and pyramid sets, circuits, and more. You can also categorize by activity or level of difficulty with tags such as strength training.

Gymaholic is an app any weightlifter should be interested in tracking their performance. The app is compatible with iOS watch and health apps. Gymaholic keeps track of your one-rep maxes, other personal records, measurements, body composition, and heart rate during workouts.

The Gymaholic app has an AR feature that displays an animated version of yourself working out. And if you feel like taking a break one day from weight lifting, don’t worry – the app offers cardio training.

Benefits of Gym Tracking Apps

Here are some of the benefits you’d enjoy using gym tracking apps:

1. Heart Rate Monitor

A fitness app is an excellent way to monitor a person’s heart rate throughout their workouts. It also tells them the history of their progress and meets a simple goal of tracking the workout duration, intensity, distance, speed, calories burned, and how many times they have attempted it. The app can help people figure out where they should focus their workout based on their age, weight, and other factors.

2. Keep Check On Your Diet

Following a well-balanced diet is essential for anyone who wants to stay fit. With an iOS or Android app, you can monitor the type and amount of food intake. The app then calculates calories and nutrients consumption, and this way, you can avoid foods that are not healthy for you.

3. Individually Customized Goals

One of the many great benefits of fitness apps is setting and customizing goals based on your individual needs. Whether you are experienced, a beginner, in good health or not, what an athlete sets as their goal differs from someone new to this lifestyle. For the most part, fitness apps give you personalized guidelines according to your personal health information. It is tailored to provide tips and recommendations specific to only you.

4. Checks on Weight Loss

The application can help you overcome binge-eating and offers healthy food options while also evaluating your activity levels. The app keeps track of the current and target weight. Some apps are compatible with scaling machines and automatically update the weight without having to key in the data.

If you’re struggling to lose weight, a fitness tracker app could help. These apps design workouts, food habits, and more to help you get back on track. The gym tracking app highlights reader engagement using motivation words, weekly quotes, and comparison figures. Keeping track of a member’s entire journey, from current weight to goal weight, is key to successful weight loss.

Best tracking apps for measuring fitness


Finding the motivation to work out can be difficult when simply sticking to home activities. You have to find an exercise or activity that you love to stay committed to your fitness. For those who do not want to join an exercise class or a gym, apps can help them get in shape.

Whether running on the treadmill or biking outside, these smartphone and tablet applications can advise you about your physical activity levels. The apps will help you in accountability for your fitness regimen, some have features for offline and online videos with trainers, and if you are after privacy, it’s also included. Spice your workout routine with the app of your choice.

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