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Choosing The Right Flower Basket For A Friend Who Is Sick

Often friends, relatives, and business associates will fall ill due to some disease or may be hospitalized due to an accident. It will usually take some time for them to recover, despite getting the best medical attention. It has been medically proved that the mental condition of a person affects the rate of recovery, and if the person is in a good mood he will recover faster.

So many people are interested in sending a get well soon flower basket to their relative or friend who is ill, to cheer the person up and cement their relationship with the person. Since a large variety of flower baskets are available some considerations for choosing the flower basket are discussed.


One of the most important factors when choosing the flower basket is the flowers which are used. Some of the baskets only have one type of flower and fillers, while other flower baskets use a combination of flowers. Roses are the most popular variety of flowers used in most flower baskets since they are affordably priced especially for popular colors like red.

Roses will also last for a longer period of time compared to other roses which will wilt within a day. Large yellow and black sunflowers are also used for flower bouquets. Carnations, hydrangeas, astrolemias, eustomas are some of the other flowers used in basket

Quantity and size

Another factor that should be considered while ordering a flower basket is the number of flowers. Usually, the seller is specifying the flowers used in the basket and they are combined with fillers like leaves, and twigs to give the flower basket a unique look. The sender can decide how many flowers should be included in the basket which he will send for some flowers like roses and sunflowers.

In other cases, where a large variety of flowers are used, the basket maker will decide the flowers which will be used. The size of the bouquet will depend on the number of flowers in the bouquet in most cases.


The pricing of the flower basket depends to a large extent on the number of flowers and types of flowers that are used. The cheapest flower baskets usually have three flowers of a particular variety combined with fillers since the flowers like roses and sunflowers are the main cost in making the flower basket.

Additional flowers can be usually added to the flower basket at an additional cost that is clearly specified. The most expensive flower baskets often have thirty or more flowers and are also larger in size. The price of flowers also varies depending on the color, and red roses are cheaper than roses of other colors. More time is required to make flower baskets with a large number of flowers, so their cost is higher.


While ordering the flower basket, the sender can specify the message he wishes to send to the recipient or choose to remain anonymous. For most flower baskets only fresh flowers are used. In some flower baskets, the user can increase the number of flowers, paying an additional amount that is specified.

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