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9 Surprising Frankincense Oil Benefits for Your Health and Wellness

by Lois Earles

If you’re a person who prefers natural remedies, perhaps you’ve always wondered whether you can benefit from using frankincense oil. Apart from its captivating fragrance, this oil proved to possess a wealth of therapeutic potential for modern living. This article uncovers frankincense oil benefits that’ll surprise you.

What Is Frankincense Oil?

Frankincense Oil

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Frankincense is derived from the resin of the Boswellia tree. This is native to the Middle East, Arabian Peninsula, North Africa, and India. The Boswellia tree has several varieties with each producing different resin. This means the essential oil.is unique to each tree variety.

An overview of Boswellia tree varieties and oil quality produced.

Tree Variety Oil quality
Boswellia Carter II Crisp and soft aroma for quality fragrance incense.
Boswellia Neglecta Sweet balsamic aroma.
Boswellia Sacra Light haunting aroma with a hint of sweet floral.
Boswellia Serrata Stronger woody aroma.
Boswellia Frereana Deep woody aroma with a hint of lemon.

The oil is eminent and versatile and you can use it on almost any part of your body. Its positive effects have various beneficial effects on interconnected body systems. You can use it in different body care products including skin care, hair care, and emotional care through aromatherapy.

9 Frankincense Oil Benefits for Your Health and Wellness


Image source: Pinterest

Here are the surprising reasons to use this oil for your well-being.

1. Prevents Inflammation

The oil is famed for its anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it beneficial for inflammatory disorders and arthritis. You can dilute it using unscented carrier oil. This oil is absorbed topically by the skin.

This oil limits the body from developing molecules that lead to inflammatory conditions such as asthma, arthritis, and painful bowel disorders. It breaks down cartilage tissue which decreases joint, tendon, and muscle pain naturally.

2. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Frankincense oil is said to reduce feelings of anxiety and promote relaxation. This balances emotions creating a peaceful feeling. The oil counters the side effects of stress by relieving sleep debt. This increases the ability for better stress management.

A 2019 study discovered that the oil is composed of incensole and incensole acetate which can activate the brain’s ion channels to alleviate anxiety and depression. Apart from inhalation, you can use the oil to beat stress and anxiety using an aromatherapy diffuser, topical application, or a bath soak.

3. Boosts Immune System

The oil has also demonstrated the ability to enhance immunity helping the body fight viruses, dangerous bacteria, and even cancers. A lab study conducted by Mansoura University in Egypt discovered that this oil possesses strong immunostimulant activity.

You can use frankincense oil to prevent germs from forming on your skin or mouth. Many people use it as a natural solution to relieve oral problems. Its antiseptic properties prevent cavities, gingivitis, mouth sores, and toothaches.

4. Fights Cancers

The oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties which help fight various cancer cells. A study in 2012 found this oil possesses a chemical compound called AKBA. This kills cancer cells that may have become resistant to chemotherapy.

An evaluation of breast cancer cells in 2023 revealed that boswellic acid in frankincense oil induces apoptosis in various cancer cells including colon, prostate, and leukemia.

5. Improves Skin Health

Frankincense oil has skin-rejuvenating properties. This makes it helpful in minimizing the appearance of scars, wrinkles, and fine lines. The oil strengthens the skin and enhances elasticity, tone, and defense against bacteria, or blemishes.

It tones and lifts the skin to lessen the appearance of acne, and scars, and treats wounds. Additionally, the oil is beneficial in fading stretch marks, and surgery scars, and heals dry or cracked skin. The steroid-like structure of the oil contributes to a soothing effect on irritated skin.

6. Helps in Pain Management

Frankincense oil from the Boswellia Serrata variety is very effective for pain relief. This contains a lot of boswellic acid making it possess anti-inflammatory properties to alleviate joint pain, headaches, pain, and swelling. You can also use this oil to reduce conditions such as gout and arthritis.

7. Reduces the Appearance of Aging

The oil is a powerful astringent which means that it protects skin cells. You can use it to lessen acne blemishes, prevent wrinkles, or mask the appearance of large pores. Additionally, the oil can list and strengthen the skin making it a natural solution to slow down aging.

You can use the oil anywhere on your body where it’s saggy. This can be on the abdomen, under the eyes, or jowls. Use it with a carrier oil and apply about six drops directly to the skin. You can also apply it as an anti-aging serum or moisturizer.

8. Supports Digestion

Frankincense oil aids in digestion and lessens symptoms of indigestion. The oil helps the body properly detox and triggers bowel movements. Additionally, this oil can flush out excess water from the abdomen to prevent bloating and relieve PMS-related pains in the stomach.

This happens because the oil speeds up the secretion of digestive enzymes, increases urine production, relaxes muscles in the digestive tract, and enhances circulation. All these are essential for proper digestion.

9. Balances Hormones

The oil can balance hormone levels to reduce the symptoms related to menstruation and menopause. It can relieve symptoms such as pain, constipation, fatigue, nausea, and headaches. This oil regulates estrogen production and reduces the risk of cyst development, and risk of tumors in women undergoing menopause.

Whether applied topically, diffused, or integrated into body care products, frankincense oil is a timeless companion towards overall health and wellness.

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