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5 Tips for Fundraising for the First Time

by Lois Earles

So, you’ve decided to make a difference and try to raise money for a cause close to your heart? But what next? How do you get started, and how can you ensure you succeed in your endeavors?

If you are thinking about supporting a local or national charity, you will soon find that the fundraising world is rewarding and exciting. However, navigating it can be hard, especially if you are new to the whole shebang.

Discover 5 top tips for first-time fundraisers right here and ensure you smash your goals in no time!

1. Register your event

Once you have picked what type of fundraiser you want to organize and which charity you want to support, you now need to register your event. This lets your chosen charity know that you will be fundraising on their behalf.

Alternatively, you could liaise with the charity to find an event that you can help with. For example, they may have spaces for you to run a marathon for them or take part in a charity bike ride. The cancer charity Macmillan is always on the lookout for people to sign up for their events.

2. Reach out to supporters

When it comes to getting donations, you need to make people feel invested in the cause, so tell them about the charity you are fundraising for and all the good work they do.

It can also be a good idea to tell people exactly how their donations will be used, as this can make them feel more connected to the project and more likely to donate.

3. Set a fundraising target

Fundraising can be hard work, and it is not uncommon for fundraisers to feel fatigued or despondent at some point during the process. To keep yourself motivated and on track, you need to make sure you set yourself a fundraising target. This can also encourage people to dig deeper and donate more money.

Although there is nothing wrong with reaching for the stars, speak to your chosen charity about realistic targets and how your donations will help their cause.

4. Get online

Face-to-face fundraising can be highly effective, but it pays to take your efforts online in today’s digital world. There are several fundraising platforms that you can use, such as JustGiving, which enables people to donate with a click of a button.

To maximize the number of donations you get, try to make your funding page as personalized and informative as possible.

5. Make it personal

If you have chosen a particular charity because it is close to your heart, for example, a friend or family member has used it for help, make sure that you let people know about it. A heartfelt explanation as to why you have chosen to support the charity can go a long way.

If you set up an online giving page, include this information on there as well, and share your story on social media to increase awareness of your event.

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