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50 Funny Horse Names That Will Have You Chuckling

by Lois Earles

Horses are majestic creatures that grace our pastures and racetracks. People are inspired by various things when naming tier horses. We’ve rounded up a collection of funny horse names that are bound to tickle your funny bone.

The following names inspired by movies, movie stars, other animals, food, puns, and looks will have you grinning from ear to ear.

Inspired by Movies

Harry Trotter

In the world of equestrian humor, horse names take a cinematic twist drawing inspiration from the silver screen. Here are horse names that blend Hollywood with stables to prove that humor knows no reins.

1. Harry Trotter

This suits a horse that casts its own hoofed spells in the stable. The equine sensation will add a touch of enchantment to each stride.

2. Forest Jump

Life is just like a box of carrots- just like this equine protagonist who leaps into our hearts with a blend of humor and agility. Inspiration is derived from a cinematic classic.

3. Lord of the Reins

Shadows lie in the land of Mordor. However, this horse rules them all with majestic steel that navigates through Middle Earth with equestrian loyalty and unparalleled grace.

4. Run Forrest Run

This horse doesn’t just run, it gallops through life with a sprint through life free-spirited as the wind with a mane that flows like destiny.

5. Mane of War

With a legendary mane, this horse’s feats could rival those of the famous Thoroughbred it pays homage to.

6. Warhorse

This horse embodies charging into battle with hooves of thunder. It pays tribute to the brave ones who always steal the show.

7. Fifty Shades of Hay

In equine romance, this horse takes center stage in a love story filled with hay, oats, and a whimsy touch.

8. Captain A-mare-ica

The horse with a star-spangled saddle and a noble heart like that of the superhero gallops into action to defend the stable with unparalleled equestrian valor.

9. Termineightor

This is the equine embodiment of resilience, ready to conquer the pasture and beyond. With the slogan “I’ll be back” although this time four-legged.

10. Maid In Manehatten

The city-slicker of a horse exudes the cosmopolitan charm of Manhattan while reminding us urban horses also have a touch of cinematic glamor.

Inspired by Movie Stars

Win-neighna Rider

Walk down the red carpet of laughter with equestrian names inspired by the glitz and charism of movie stars.

11. Win-neighna Rider

Saddle up for adventure with this horse that knows navigating reality and dreamlike landscapes of pasture.

12. Sarah Jessica Parkour

Apart from grace and elegance, the horse effortlessly glides through obstacles proving that style and athleticism go hoof in hoof.

13. Kate Wins-a-lot

The horse reigns supreme in the world of equestrian achievements collecting accolades and ribbons with regal charm and unbeatable spirit.

14. Liam Neighson

Armed with a particular set of skills, this horse embodies steadfast guardianship of the table ready to protect and graze.

15. Sylvester Stallione

The name echoes resilience and strength. It’s the equine embodiment of cinematic toughness proving that the horse is a born champion.

16. Jenneighfur Lopez

Known for versatility and flair, the horse sashays through pastures with elegance, charisma, and a bit of hoof-tapping rhythm.

17. Merry Berry

With a zest for life and a palate for pasture delights, the horse brings a touch of culinary charm proving that equines have a sense of humor.

18. Ca-mare-on Diaz

Exuding charm with a playful spirit, it rides into the spotlight with an infectious personality that lights up the equine red carpet.

19. Hayrrison Ford

Taking the reins of equine exploration, this horse takes daring adventures and performs heartwarming dramas.

20. Hoofie Woldberg

The horse struts with sophistication setting high standards for stylish mane-tenance in the world of equine fashion and elegance.

Inspired by Speed


Let’s see how a dash of speed-inspired creativity turns horse names into hilarious and pun-filled names.

21. Snail

This name is the ultimate irony. The playful twist suggests humorous acknowledgment of the horse’s leisurely pace which contrasts the snail’s typical speed.

22. Will Run for Hay

The name combines a fitness mantra with essential delight. This humorously implies that the motivation to keep running is a promise of a tasty reward.

23. Turtle

This tongue-in-cheek name contrasts the image of a slow-moving turtle with the horse’s swift and agile nature to evoke a sense of irony and whimsy.

24. Incoming

Suggesting a sudden and swift approach, this name embodies that the horse is a force to be reckoned with. It’s portrayed to appear out of the blue with impressive speed.

25. Fast N the Furious

The name infuses excitement and speed for adrenaline junkies. It portrays a horse ready to hit the equine track at full throttle.

26. Horsepower

With clever wordplay, this name is a combination of speed. The automotive term adds a touch of humor comparing horsepower to hoofpower.

27. MyFirstRace

Implying that the horse is a rookie in the racing world, the name relies on its sense of innocence and anticipation on its first appearance on the track.

28. Almost Fast

The name embraces humorous humility that acknowledges speed while playfully suggesting shyness at being the fastest.

29. Bad News Travels Fast

Its touch of cheekiness implies that any news about the horse’s speedy feats travels rapidly through the equine community.

30. Thunderbolt

This evokes an image of a powerful and lightning-fast force of nature that captures the essence of speed and dramatic flair.

Inspired by Cities

Dakota’s Spirit

Here are names that pay homage to particular cities that add a whimsical touch to the horse’s identity.

31. Dakota’s Spirit

The name suggests a connection to Dakota to evoke a sense of spirited energy that captures the essence of the horse’s character.

32. Neigh-braska

Presenting delightful wordplay. It incorporates equine vocalization. The name adds humor and creativity to make it geographically relevant and playful.

33. Neigh-vada

This integrates the animal’s vocalization with Nevada to bring out a playful twist on the geographical reference.

34. Pony Montana

The name conjures images of wide-open spaces and wide-free roaming horses against a scenic backdrop of the American West.

35. Arkansas Tom

This charming play of words combines the name of a state and a classic equine name. It infuses a touch of personality and humor into the horse’s identity.

36. Texas Kid

The name embraces the spirit of the Lone Star State with a blend of geographical references to create a playful and cowboy-inspired equine name.

Inspired by Other Animals

Bumble Bee

Explore the humor and creativity behind these names that draw inspiration from characteristics of other creatures infused with a lighthearted element.

37. Bumble Bee

This name brings buzz to the stable. Its playful association of the horse with the tiny but industrious and energetic bee adds a whimsical and vibrant quality to the animal’s personality.

38. Leopard

The sleek and powerful image of the leopard suggests a horse with the demeanor of a wild cat. It brings an element of fierceness and grace to equine identity.

39. Puppy

The dose of canine charm in this name suggests a friendly and affectionate horse perhaps mischievous much like our beloved canine companions.

40. Ant

Regardless of the size difference, the name introduces a humorous contrast for a horse that carries a strong and determined work ethic, similar to the industrious nature of the ant.

41. Elephant

This name adds an element of surprise and humor by associating the horse with one of the biggest land mammals. It playfully alludes to the size, strength, and gentle and wise demeanor.

42. Bison

Channeling the spirit of this ancient American mammal, it infuses a touch of the wild and the untamed into the horse’s identity. This suggests a robust and sturdy character with a nod to the vastness of the prairie.

43. Baby Hippo

Creating a delightful contrast, the name implies the horse has a rounded or endearing appearance akin to the charm of a baby hippo.

44. Cougar

This name evokes the sleek and elusiveness of the cougar. It suggests that the horse has agility and grace with a touch of mystery.

Inspired by Looks

Crazy Eye

Last on our list are names that playfully celebrate the horse’s appearance.

45. Crazy Eye

The name humorously acknowledges a horse with an impressive and quirky eye. It playfully suggests a wild and unpredictable gaze that captures attention.

46. Jigsaw

This is inspired by the unique color patterns resembling pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. It’s ideal for a horse with a visually captivating and puzzling appearance.

47. Wild Child

Infused with a touch of untamed spirit, the name implies a horse with a lively and exuberant demeanor. This celebrates the horse’s energetic and spirited nature.

48. Big Bertha

Suitable for a horse with a more robust build, the name playfully embraces and celebrates the animal’s size with a touch of humor.

49. Mohawk

The name is inspired by the mane style portraying the horse as having a mane resembling a Mohawk haircut.

50. Napoleon

Ideal for a horse with a short stature, this name humorously plays on the historical figure. It affectionately embraces the animal’s small size with a touch of regal charm.

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