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The Best Gaming Laptop Choices: What Features To Look Out For!

Today’s gaming laptops have evolved significantly in the past few years. While they used to mainly be portable devices with a small display and low processing power, today’s gaming laptops are more powerful and have higher resolution screens and even fingerprint scanners. These features make them more similar to desktop PCs than before. These new high-end laptops are also getting better at playing games.

Thanks to their excellent processors, large battery capacity, and high-quality graphics cards, they can run current games smoothly at playable frame rates. Not only that, these new models of gaming laptops also offer other useful features that help you get more from your device. In this article, we list some of the best features that you should look for in the best gaming laptop so that you can buy the right one for your needs:

Dedicated Gaming Keyboards

Modern gaming laptops come with a variety of special keyboards that are designed for gaming. They usually have extra keys for adjusting your in-game settings, a macro feature that lets you record and play back pre-programmed actions, and a key for launching your favorite gaming app.

Some gaming keyboards also have multimedia keys that let you control volume, switch audio devices and even take screenshots. Gaming keyboards are not just for looks. Some come with extra features like rubber keys that reduce lag and keystrokes so that you can focus on the game, while others have special lighting effects that make it easier to play at night.

Wide-Screen LED Displays

Gaming laptops are not just getting slimmer and lighter, but also looking more impressive as well. Gaming laptops are now also getting high-resolution displays that offer much wider viewing angles than traditional TN panels.

The wide viewing angles allow you to view content from multiple angles without any color distortion, increasing the overall viewing experience when playing games or watching videos. Graphics-intensive games like first-person shooters and role-playing games are particularly suited for high-resolution displays, as you can get much more screen space for your environment.

High Refresh-Rate Disobiles

The refresh rate describes the speed at which a monitor can show a new image. Most gaming laptops have an option to increase the refresh rate on their displays. This is important because if you have a 60Hz display, the image will only be displayed 60 times every second, which may be too fast for many games. If you have a 120Hz display, the image will only be shown 24 times per second, which is a much smoother experience.

Stable, Centrally Located Base Plates

Some gaming laptops use a metal base plate as a heat sink between the CPU and GPU to transfer heat from the CPU to the GPU and dissipate it as thermal radiation. This can help increase the overall performance of your device and even increase the longevity of your components. Most gaming laptops either come with a single base plate that has a fan, or a high-end model might use a high-performance dual-fan design.

Excellent Audio Technology

Depending on the price point of your gaming laptop, you might be able to get one that has excellent audio technology. These laptops usually have separate speakers built into the chassis or underneath the keyboard and a dedicated subwoofer that produces bass frequencies. The bass frequencies are important especially while playing games, as they help you to better understand the relative position of the objects, enhancing the overall experience.

These laptops are also usually accompanied by a high-quality audio jack, so you can plug in your earphones and get even better sound quality. Some high-end models have a microphone jack as well so that you can use your laptop as a makeshift communication device.

Ergonomically Designed Handles

Most gaming laptops are designed with an ergonomic design, which is great for long gaming sessions. Laptops with an ergonomic design have a wrist rest, or another ergonomic handle, on the sides of the chassis to relieve pressure on your wrists. This is especially important when you play demanding games, such as first-person shooters and racing games, as it helps to reduce the chance of the muscles in your hands and wrists becoming fatigued.

If you are looking for a powerful gaming laptop to play current games smoothly at playable frame rates, then you might want to carry out a thorough research before buying a new one. In this article, we have listed some of the best gaming laptop features that you can look for when buying a new model. Hope you find this article useful!

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