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Gemstones That Can Best Suit Your Personality And Amp Up Your Look

Who didn’t grow up hearing that diamonds are a girl’s best friend? We have always loved to adorn ourselves with pearls and diamonds, juicy rubies, and glistening sapphires. But do we know that these gemstones carry immense healing powers for their wearer besides perking up our style quotient? 

The beauty of these little gems is that you can always find one that suits your personality and promises you a solution to your problem. In this article, we talk about which gemstone would be perfect for adding up to your persona and help attract good vibes for you!


Since the dawn of history, Rubies have valued the belongings of many kings and queens. They have been famously called ‘Ratnaraj’ in Vedic Literature and have been referred to a number of times in the Bible. If you are someone with feisty aspirations and an indomitable spirit, this can be the stone for you. The beautiful and vibrant red symbolizes courage and health. Legend has it that a ruby wearer can progress swiftly through life undeterred from bad luck or tragedies.

Rubies are said to energize and balance the body, stimulate the heart chakra, and inspire a life of love. Wearers of ruby can deal with tiredness and hyperactivity. This precious gemstone also heals fever and illnesses as well as detoxifies the body and blood. It stimulates the adrenal glands, reproductive organs and is helpful for the cardiovascular system.

Blue Sapphire

Dignity, royalty, tranquility, and wisdom are the traits that this beautifully tranquil gemstone carries within. For millennia, sapphire has been regarded as a heavenly symbol, a guardian of purity, and a bestower of good health. Kings wore Sapphire to ward off the evil eye and attract divine power and favors, and to this day, it is used for just the same. Most of us must have gazed at and adored the beautiful sapphire ring Lady Diana wore, which was gifted to her by Prince Charles.

People believe that wearing this blue gemstone can suppress negative thoughts and bring vibrance to your life. It is also revered as a stone that helps bring mental clarity and rides off indecisiveness by helping unblock the ‘Ajna’ or the third eye chakra. It also has healing properties and aids the digestive system. 

If you want to stun your competitors with a dazzle and portray a calm demeanor, Leibish specializes in extremely valuable sapphire and can help you amp your look. 


The sparkling yet soothing green color of emerald makes it a wonderful addition to your jewelry box. But besides this, the stone carries immense healing properties. Like green, which represents the lushness of spring, this stone is a symbol of fertility. The Sumerians believed that wearing an emerald on the little finger of the left hand could cure eye irritation. It has also been known to show benefits on the neural system, heal the liver and prevent epilepsy.

Wearers of this stone have a reputation for coming up with creative ideas and writing literary works.  It is beneficial for artistic minds who want to materialize their ideas and can be a perfect fit for someone who wants to lead and promote learning with their vision in the world.


If you are someone brimming with creative ideas but also with hyperactivity, Amethyst is the stone for you as it helps balance overflowing emotions and opens the crown chakra. The word ‘Amethyst’ originates from Greek which means ‘not drunk.’ The Greeks recognized this stone’s poignancy and believed that this stone could help them protect against intoxication. It is widely known to strengthen the immune system and improve endocrine functions.

And ladies, this gem also has promising benefits for your skin! It helps boost blood circulation and adds glow to your skin. It also helps relieve inflammation and fades blemishes to offer youthful and radiant skin. 

With an amethyst on your side, you can exude calmness and modesty!


This pale blue gemstone with hues of green reminds its wearer of the mystical charm of the ocean. Like a waterbody brimming with life, this gem brings a plethora of opportunities for its wearer. It allows the wearer to let go of the portion of the mind that demands order and lets the creative juices flow.

Wearing this gemstone brings various health benefits; It is excellent for throat, liver, and stomach disorders and regulates the body’s temperature. It also maintains fluid balance in the body and keeps you healthy.

These pretty little stones add a sparkle to our attire and add up to the beauty of life by maintaining wellness and attracting positivity. Select your favorite gemstone and embark on a new journey!

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