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Tips To Follow In Generating A Letterhead Design For Your Business

Letterhead is one of the key aspects of any business, setting an impression for your company to be perceived as professional and legitimate. A letterhead design should reflect the branding of your business by using colors, typeface, corporate logo, or other features that will help people identify who you are. Such letterhead design should immediately show at first glance the nature of the work undertaken by a business. Follow these tips to create a letterhead design for your company:

1) Typeface For A Creative Letterhead Design

There are many good font designs that you can choose from but sticking with classic fonts is always better because it does not go out of date easily. Also, some letters allow more than two fonts to look attractive such as “W”. Be careful in using the lowercase letter “L” because it can look odd, especially when set beside other letters.

2) Logo Of Your Business Letterhead Design

Your logo should be included on your company’s letterhead design to help quickly identify your business name. It is better to avoid too many colors in designing a logo, especially if it is an image of your product. A simple logo design with only 1 or 2 colors will highlight the uniqueness of your identity while helping people easily recognize who you are.

You can also use an image or a diagram, but make sure that they are not too complicated because it may decrease readability and make text hard to understand by others especially when printed out in black and white documents (such as letterheads).

3) Spot foil

If your company offers products or services which are luxurious, it is best to use spot gold foil in designing your letterhead. The words will easily stand out and give an elegant impression that reflects the quality of your work. Make sure that you increase the size of the text if you choose to use a spot-foil design because it may decrease readability when mixed with other fonts.

4) Color scheme From Letterhead Design Samples

Choose colors for letterheads that go well together, especially on the logo. For example, dark blue, maroon, and gray background colors can give a sophisticated look while choosing bright green, yellow, and orange for a more energetic design.

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5) Monitor display

When making a letterhead design for print, be sure to use colors that are similar to those used on your website. The colors on your letterhead should be the same as your company’s branding colors to give a consistent impression of your business. You can also use spot-foil or different background designs which are only visible when printed out with ink instead of being displayed on the screen.

6) Print fidelity

A great letterhead design is not complete if it does not have good print quality, so check whether the layout looks fine before printing it out. There are free websites available online where you can upload your design and have it checked for printing errors, making sure that nothing will be lost in translation while printed out by another person using a printer. Letterheads do not need to be cluttered because good design requires minimalism, making it easier to read.

7) Make Sure To Check For Letterhead Design Ideas

It is best to sort out all your printing needs in one place so that you can get everything done in just one visit for convenience and efficiency. You can always check if they offer letterhead design services, allowing them to produce the items you need with just a few clicks of your mouse.

8)Addressing Parts Of Your Professional Letterhead Design

You should always check if all parts of your letterhead design are printed properly. This includes the page margins, lines on the sides, spacing between each letter and line as well as text alignment. Make sure that you use a simple font style so it will be readable even when printed out in black and white copy. Remember to proofread your designs to avoid mistakes from being included in your printed products.

9) Ready to print

Be sure that everything needed for printing has been prepared before finalizing your letterhead design. This includes checking whether you have all the fonts, artwork and content required in order to make your letterhead design complete. Messy designs indicate lack of attention to detail which can reflect poorly on your company’s image, so be sure that it is ready for printing by others after making final edits to ensure that no errors are missed out.


A letterhead is the heading at the top of a document that shows the name and address of the business or individual sending the document. It’s often used as a way to create a professional appearance for letters, invoices, and other types of documents. When it comes to creating your own letterhead design, there are a few tips you can follow to help you get started.

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