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Fantastic Tips to Get Cheap Car Insurance

by Lois Earles

The first step toward getting only the best deal on coverage would be to research some of the top insurance companies available in your area. While some people feel this is wasteful, you can save hundreds of dollars every year by making smarter decisions.

There are a few little tricks that will help you get hold of an affordable policy.

1. Shop Around

Just like buying most things, shopping around for cheap car insurance in Singapore will save you money in the long run. You can often find cheaper alternative providers by doing this than you currently have through your current provider. Try ringing around multiple companies, seeing if they offer any discounts or if they can lower your price at all.

Make sure that when comparing prices that you’re looking at similar levels of cover and usage – just saying that something is cheap doesn’t mean that it’s right for you!

2. Cut Out The Extras

Most companies offer extra add ons, such as legal protection or breakdown recovery. If you’re trying to get cheaper car insurance rates, look at excluding these extras! However, it can often be cheaper to cover yourself with separate insurance – you could go for an additional policy on the cheap car insurance market with a lower premium than covers what you need.

3. Don’t Drive Aggressively

Avoiding speeding tickets and parking illegally, and avoiding driving when tired are all things that affect your record of safe driving, which affects your price of cheap car insurance in Singapore. Aggressive drivers will most likely pay more for their insurance than those who drive carefully and responsibly.

You might also want to consider dropping your excess (the first part of any claim you have to pay yourself) down to a minimum to reduce the financial risk you face when driving.

4. Don’t Drive Older Vehicles

The second-hand car market is much cheaper than the new one – and this doesn’t just mean that people are willing to pay less for their cars. A more than six-year-old vehicle will usually result in cheap car insurance Singapore in quotes being more expensive. There are far too many of these on the road already without encouraging more!

Also, remember that newer vehicles are more reliable, meaning that they’re less likely to need repairs or expensive parts replaced. If you must get an older car model, make sure you get the best second-hand deal possible.

5. Ask For Discounts

Always ask your provider if they can offer you any discounts! You never know – they might say yes. The more information about yourself that you give them, and the longer you’ve been a customer with them, generally means that you’ll be able to get better deals.

6. Commit less than 10 miles a day!

This is an unfortunately common problem. Many cars are used only for small local trips and errands that rarely go beyond 10 miles or so. This means that there’s very little chance that the car will be involved in an accident.

Consequently, some insurers won’t even bother to insure a vehicle whose owners don’t put many miles on it- particularly not if they do a lot of driving themselves. If you have access to two vehicles, though, use one as your everyday runabout and treat the other one as a weekend toy- something you’ll only take if it isn’t going to be your daily driver.

7. Don’t drive too far or too often in high-risk areas!

We’ve all heard the warnings about driving in certain neighborhoods, especially at night. If you don’t think that these are serious, then why not try something? Go for a late-night walk around some of those bad areas and record exactly how much time you spend there. Then go home, sit down with a cup of tea and figure out how many minutes it would take to get from where you are back to your house.

Now do it again another ten times until you can say that you know how to get out of there quickly in an emergency. If it takes longer than 5 minutes, then you need to consider getting yourself a different insurer! The same goes for driving outside your hometown too.

In conclusion, the cheap car insurance in Singapore offers you great security and saves you money on it.

Every person needs to have an appropriate amount of coverage that they can afford. Therefore, when looking for affordable car insurance, you need to find one that offers benefits and services similar to others and affordable premium rates.

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