Having a Microsuction Ear Wax Removal

My Experience of Having a Microsuction Ear Wax Removal in London

In London, getting an ear wax removal is just as common as hailing a black cab on a rainy day. I, for one, used to be a loyal patient of the “water cannon” method – ear syringing/ irrigation which is an ear wax removal method done with water. 

Whenever I have the signs of an ear wax build-up, such as itchiness in my ears, the feeling of fullness in my ears, a ringing sensation in my ear, and a mild sense of hearing loss in either of my ears, I just know that I need an ear wax removal to clear out the gunk. Although these signs and symptoms vary with everyone, these four always seem to consistently show up with me so I immediately request for a removal with my General Practioner (GP). 

But this time, when I contacted my GP, he mentioned that he had stopped the service due to its potential risks such as middle ear damage from perforation and acute tinnitus. So I was advised that the safest way to have an ear wax removal today is with microsuction. So I went on a hunt looking out for reputable clinics that offer expert microsution services. 

Now one of the things I noticed during my research was that there were a lot of people offering this service so it was like looking for a needle in a haystack trying to find a reputable clinic amidst the shocking reviews. But then I scanned through the reviews and was lucky to find an expert microsuction service. I booked an appointment and got a date fixed within the week. 

On the day of my appointment, I narrated my ordeal of trying to find a reputable clinic and my audiologist told me how the industry is now unregulated as it’s easy to just find anyone offering this service claiming expertise. So, he further enlightened me on how to look for an expert in microsuction service which is looking out for an audiologist, a nurse, or an ENT doctor who has undergone the relevant training on ear wax removal, is certified, and is registered with Regulation Council for Clinical Physiologist (RCCP) or Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC)

The procedure: 

Before the procedure, I was advised that there were risks to the microsuction procedure; although rare, he explained that some patients could have a perforation, tinnitus, and a slight scratch in the ear canal, but thankfully I didn’t have any of these during the procedure. 

During the procedure, my audiologist put a mini Hoover in my ears and it began to suck out the wax. It was quite a fascinating thing to see on the big screen in front of me as my audiologist had a video autoscope that showed me before and after clips of the entire procedure. I just began to wonder what my partner’s ears would look like if he had his done, and when he did, a full chunk of ear wax was removed from his as well. 

I highly recommend having an earwax removal done from time to time to maintain the overall health of your ears. it’s like a spa day for your ears, a deep tissue massage that leaves you hearing every chirp and whisper around you.

My experience with microsuction in London highlighted the significance of seeking expert ear cleaning and wax removal services. Ear wax removal is for more than just when your headphones sound like muffled mush. It’s a crucial part of ear health maintenance. 

The procedure itself, though carrying minimal risks, proved to be both fascinating and effective. 

Just remember, prioritise the expertise of professionals to ensure a safe and effective experience when it comes to ear cleaning. Your ears will thank you (and so will your neighbours). 

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