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How to Get Closer to God: 7 Ways to Overcoming Obstacles

by Lois Earles

The quest for spiritual connection and closeness to God is a journey everyone longs for. However, the path is often filled with obstacles, from the bustling demands of modern living to internal struggles of doubt, and distraction. Here is how to get closer to God in 7 ways.

How to Get Closer to God: 7 Ways

1. Prayer


Prayer is a conversation with our Heavenly Father. This gives us a chance to deepen our relationship with Him. We’re also able to seek His help and blessings to improve our lives. Prayer seems like seeking God’s face and His hand.

Regular communication with God through prayer also allows us to share our thoughts, concerns, gratitude, and guidance. The Lord wants us to come to Him to ask for what we want to improve our lives.

2. Study Sacred Texts

If you read the scriptures spiritually, then you’re on the right path to get closer to God. The Lord wants us to know Him which happens when you read the Bible spiritually. It’s our ultimate guide because it corrects us when going wrong (2 Timothy 3:16), offers guidance (2 Timothy 3:16), and protects us from sin (Psalm 119:11).

You become self-focused if you fail to read the Bible to build faith in God. Experiencing strength, power, courage, and peace after reading the Bible testifies to spending time with God. Don’t make it an important habit like brushing your teeth every day. You’re likely to become frustrated over time.

Other ways to read the Bible and get closer to God include:

• Reading it to love God but not to follow rules.
• Doing it to find the truth but not to flatter yourself.
• Reading the Bible to obey it not just to feel better

3. Attend Worship Services

Attending church allows us to meet with the Lord. Church is the place where we come together to worship and sing praise to God. Here, we submit ourselves to Him and draw life from Him. Apart from getting us closer to Him, gathering in church encourages us, strengthens us, and nourishes us.

We enhance our spiritual and psychological growth when we attend mass. Participating in the sacrament and prayers deepens our belief and faith in the Lord.

4. Practice Gratitude


A grateful heart draws us closer to God and brings more joy. During moments of gratitude, we get closer to the Lord in awe and wonder at His gorgeous creations. It allows us to acknowledge that everything is a gift from Him. This fills us with a greater sense of thankfulness.

Awareness changes our perspective from what we lack to what we do. Gratitude helps us get closer to God in the following ways:

• Allows us to recognize His abundant blessings however small or big.
• We become attuned to His presence and love for us when we find reasons to be grateful.
• Gaining trust from seeing His hand in every situation even during uncertainty and pain.
• Remembering past blessings allows us to recall various moments when God has been there for us.

5. Do Acts of Kindness

According to Google, kindness is being friendly, generous, and considerate. It may also include some qualities such as decency, affection, goodwill, tenderness, concern, and generosity. All of us can understand the language of kindness.

It deeply touches hearts, melts past emotional defenses, and softens a cold-stone heart. Kindness makes us get closer to God because he softens our hearts. We have to be kind to everyone including our enemies (Proverbs 25: 21-22). Because the Lord is kind to us, we should also pass it on to others.

The books of Hosea and Matthew emphasize that being kind to others is more important than religious rituals. Every little kindness is a blessing.

6. Connect with Nature

God’s presence can be felt in everything around us. Nature wonderfully reflects God because we can see Him through His creations. Just like we reflect God’s image, nature reflects His creativity and splendor.

Its presence testifies to His worship and honor according to Psalms. Amidst the bustle and hustle of life today, you can get closer to God when you connect with nature. His creations are for you to enjoy since it shows His good work. You will feel blessed when you realize all the beauty around you.

You can get closer to God by connecting with nature in the following ways:

• Explore a new place to view diverse wildlife,
• Visit a local neighborhood or park.
• Drive or take a stroll somewhere quiet and peaceful.
• Go to a lake, ocean, or river.
• Take a hike to a place with a nice view.

While reflecting on God in nature, you can pray, listen to music, read, or just interact with flora and fauna.

7. Practice Mindfulness

Learning mindfulness is another way to get closer to God. This will make you feel a deeper connection with the Lord. Awareness helps us to be fully present in the moment so that we can appreciate His love fully. This cultivates a grateful heart and makes us calmer, and more peaceful.

Mindfulness boosts mental well-being by reducing stress, anxiety, and depression. We become more aware of the present situation without worrying about the future or dwelling on the past. Mindfulness can help you get closer to the Lord when you pray more deeply with full recognition of His presence and appreciate God’s creations around you.

The journey to overcoming spiritual obstacles is unique for each person. So, be patient, open-minded, and compassionate with yourself as you explore and deepen your spiritual connection.

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