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How to Say I Love You in Sign Language: Tips & Tricks

by Lois Earles

Nothing really beats hearing those three simple words from someone special. Still, actually saying “I love you” can sometimes be hard. So learn how to say I love you in sign language and never again hesitate. ASL speakers would be thrilled to see it, too.

ILY in American Sign Language

The truth is, love understands all languages. When it comes to the ASL sign for “love,” it seems to have reached outside the borders of the Deaf community long ago. Now, celebrities and media personalities all over the world use it to spread positivity.

So why can’t you learn how to sign it too? It’ll be a piece of cake.

Learning about its origin can get you started. The ASL sign for “love” mimics spelling out the three initial letters in “I love you” using your fingers. More precisely, the sign combines them. Having this in mind, try the following steps:

• Start by making a fist.

• Then, spread only your pinky finger to form the letter I.

• Keeping the pinky up, point your thumb to form the letter Y.

• Extend your index finger to form the letter L.

• Remember to keep the other two fingers down, touching your palm.

• There you go, we love you too!

To say it with a stronger emphasis, point the sign longer toward a person. Also, check out how to say “love-ya” here.

However, do keep in mind not to confuse the “ILY” sign with the devil horns sign. The only difference is the position of the thumb. For the devil horns sign, your thumb should be over your middle and ring finger.

Love does come in all forms, but we bet your new favorite will be the ASL sign for “I love you.” So, go ahead and share your love with the world now that you know how to say I love you in sign language.

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