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How to Use a CBD Vape Pen? 

Vaping is not the most obvious choice if you want to hop on a CBD trend. With dozens of CBD products on the market, such as topical creams, gummies, softgels, bath bombs, CBD oil, etc., CBD vape pens face fierce competition. However, vaping CBD is one of the best ways to enjoy an immediate effect because cannabidiol enters your bloodstream within seconds. We’ve created a short guide on how to use CBD vape pens, what types of pens there are, and how to select the safest products. 

What Is a CBD Vape Pen?

A CBD vape pen is designed specifically for consuming CBD-based liquid, also called e-liquid or vape juice. The device heats the liquid to allow a user to inhale the vapor, mimicking the act of smoking. This way, CBD enters the bloodstream fast and has an almost immediate effect. 

Is there CBD in puff bars? As the name suggests, CBD liquid is based on cannabidiol – one of over a hundred cannabinoids derived from the cannabis plant. Unlike THC, another cannabinoid with a strong psychoactive effect, CBD gently interacts with the central and peripheral nervous systems. As a result, it is a preferred cannabis compound for people looking for health benefits without the high. In a typical CBD puff bar, no nicotine is present, so you don’t have to worry about addiction. 

Do puff bars have CBD only? No, in addition to CBD, e-liquid often contains propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, making the substance suitable for vaping and giving it perfect consistency. Many brands add natural or artificial flavors to balance the natural CBD taste, which some people find repulsive. Well-balanced flavors can enhance the vaping experience, but we recommend avoiding artificial ones as they often make vapors extra sweet. 

Some vape pens also contain THC or nicotine for a more pronounced calming effect. However, if you want to enjoy the health benefits of cannabis without psychoactive side effects and a risk of addiction, choose CBD vape pens without THC and nicotine. These can be smoked everywhere and are generally safer. Moreover, THC-free products do not show on drug tests. 

Why Do Puff Bars Contain CBD?

In a puff bar, CBD works as the main ingredient responsible for the soothing, calming effect. Cannabidiol is one of the most popular cannabis compounds because of its gentle, non-psychoactive effect on the mind and body. It effectively fights stress and anxiety, relieves muscle pain and tension, and regulates the sleep cycle. So, we recommend you consider trying CBD puff bars if you are struggling with the following problems:

• Insomnia
• Chronic pain
• Muscle pain
• Anxiety and stress
• Addiction

CBD puff bars also use cannabidiol as a healthier alternative to THC or nicotine. It has a soothing effect but does not cause a high or addiction. So, this ingredient is great for health-conscious people seeking to develop positive well-being habits. 

Many CBD vape pens contain low CBD dosages, making them safer for inexperienced vapers. Controlling CBD content is important because an overdose may cause unpleasant side effects:

• Appetite loss
• Nausea
• Fatigue
• Dry mouth
• Diarrhea

Refillable or Disposable: What CBD Vape Pen to Use? 

CBD vape pens can be disposable or refillable. Disposable ones come with a pre-filled tank, so you simply need to switch them on and vape. When the CBD liquid runs out, you throw the pen away. Benefits of disposable pens include:

• Ease of use
• No messy refilling
• Affordability
• Buying a new one if the pen breaks is not a problem
• Suitability for inexperienced vapers

The main disadvantage of disposable devices is that they are made of cheap, non-recyclable plastic. It means that they will end on the landfill, contributing to waste pollution. 

Environmentally conscious users prefer refillable vape pens because they can be used for a long time. Refillable CBD pens come with a CBD cartridge that holds the CBD liquid. You can change the cartridge and continue using your device when the juice is over. Refillable pens are great for vapers using CBD puff bars regularly. They allow experimenting with different CBD dosages and flavors without spending money on a new vape pen. Although they are more expensive than disposable, investing in a refillable device is the best bang for your buck if you vape several times a day. 

Push-Button or Draw-Activated? 

Disposable and rechargeable CBD puff pens come in two types: push-button and draw-activated. A push-button puff pen needs to be turned on by pushing a button several times. To make the device work, you need to press and hold the button for the length of the puff. Such pens may also allow users to adjust the voltage output using the same button. 

Draw-activated vape pens are simpler to use. They don’t have a turn-on button because you only need to inhale to activate the heating process.

How to Use a CBD Vape Pen? 

If you are new to the world of CBD vape pens, you can start with disposable puffs. Many of them are pre-charged, so you don’t even need to charge the device before use or press buttons to switch it on. Squeeze the mouthpiece with your lips and inhale – your breathing will activate the heating process. As the device heats and vaporizes the e-liquid, it releases a mouth-watering vapor you can inhale and exhale. Start with one or two puffs and see how your body reacts to CBD. You can increase the dosage gradually if you don’t experience any side effects.

Refillable CBD puff bars take more time to use. Follow these simple steps:

• Connect the cartridge with the e-liquid to the battery
• Turn on the device using the button (several presses may be needed)
• Inhale gently through the mouthpiece while pressing the button
• Adjust the voltage setting (if available) by pressing the button several times

There may be slight variations in these steps depending on the brand and CBD puff pen, so read the instructions carefully. 

When the time comes to change the cartridge with e-liquid, a simple procedure must be followed:

• Detach the old cartridge and discard it (if it’s possible, recycle it to reduce waste)
• Gently clean the device
• Insert the new cartridge
• Fill it up with new e-liquid if it’s not pre-filled

If your device allows refilling the cartridge, you need to:

• Unscrew the mouthpiece
• Open the refillable cartridge
• Refill it using a syringe or medicine dropper to avoid spills
• Reassemble the pen

If you purchase cartridges in advance to have spare ones just in case, store them in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and out of children’s reach. 

User Recommendations Based on the CBD Liquid 

In many puff bars, CBD is not the only component. Those containing THC need to be consumed responsibly because of the psychoactive effect of this cannabinoid. Avoid vaping CBD puff bars with THC every day because they may result in addiction development. Reserve them for particularly stressful days or parties when you need a little more stimulation. 

If you use CBD vape pens with nicotine, don’t forget that they may cause addiction. So, if you have never smoked tobacco cigarettes, opt for non-nicotine products. However, if you try to break the harmful smoking habit, CBD puff bars with nicotine may help you with this challenging task. They contain a low nicotine dosage, so you could gradually help your body fight the dependence. Ideally, you will be able to switch CBD vape pens with nicotine to nicotine-free ones over time. 

How to Find a High-Quality Vaping Pen?

Be careful when purchasing CBD vape pens https://askgrowers.com/cbd/cbd-vaping/vape-pens because illicit dealers may sell poorly tested, dangerous products. Reports show that inhaling such products may cause life-threatening lung failure that requires hospitalization. Warning signs to watch out for include:

• Vitamin E acetate as one of the e-liquid ingredients
• Absence of third-party test results
• Obscure product description
• Unspecified CBD content
• Many artificial flavors
• A lot of negative reviews online

According to Mayo Clinic, the unreliability of CBD dosage and purity is one of the greatest problems that requires greater oversight. Meanwhile, customers should choose CBD products carefully and trust only reliable brands with an impeccable reputation. 

If you use online search, follow these steps:

• Type ‘CBD puff bar near me’ in the search bar
• Scan available options
• Read product descriptions
• Go through customer reviews
• Check test results
• Compare prices

Don’t get upset if the first CBD vape pen you bought did not work for you. There are many flavors and CDB dosages to play with, so try different brands and products to find the best match. 


As you can see, learning how to use a CBD vape pen is very simple. All you need to do is to read the instructions and follow them to the dot. Exploring the world of CBD puff pens is an exciting experience because you have so many types, ingredients, and flavors to choose from. Be careful when purchasing CBD vape pens, and trust only reputable brands. After all, you must be 100% sure that you inhale a pure, safe, and health-boosting product. 

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