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Elements You Should Add to Your Kanso Style Interior Design


When it comes to interior design, the trendiest of trends is Kanso. It’s a style that originated in Japan and combines elements of Japanese culture with clean lines and simple spaces.

With its emphasis on minimalism and natural materials, we think Kanso is a stylish way to bring nature into your home—without going overboard on clutter or kitsch. Here are five easy ways you can incorporate elements of Kanso style into your home:

Japanese elements

Kanso style, a Japanese design aesthetic that emerged in the 1960s and 1970s, is characterized by its clean lines, neutral colors and minimalism. To create your Kanso-inspired interior design you’ll want to incorporate some of these elements into your space:

  • Kimono dolls
  • Kanagawa arts
  • Japanese Fan
  • Bonsai plants
  • Katana Sword
  • Samurai Armor

1. Clean lines

One of the most important elements of Kanso style is clean lines. This can be achieved by using simple materials and shapes, keeping furniture and accessories to a minimum, and keeping the space open.

2. Neutral colors

Neutral colors are a must for Kanso style. The use of neutrals helps bring the room together, while also making it look bigger and more spacious.

You can also add some variation by using different shades of the same color (for example: light grey, dark grey and charcoal) or by adding white or beige as a base color to your scheme.

Light colored furniture will make your interior feel brighter and more spacious than darker ones would do!

3. Minimalism

Minimalism is the idea that less is more, and it’s a design style that emphasizes simplicity and reduction of elements. Minimalism is about getting rid of clutter, but not at the expense of functionality or comfort. It’s about the beauty of simplicity!

Minimalist interior design can be achieved by choosing furniture with clean lines, neutral colors and fewer decorative details like carving or painting on their surfaces (if any).

You can also go for large open spaces instead of small rooms with many pieces of furniture filling them up–this creates an airy feeling which makes it easier for you to relax in your home environment without feeling cramped up inside one small room after another!

4. Simplicity

Simplicity is a key element of the Kanso style. Less is more and simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. You don’t have to overdo it with details and clutter to make your space stylish–in fact, it’s best not to!

Keep it simple without being too simple; use simple materials that are suited for your space and lifestyle; keep your design simple but interesting so that it doesn’t look flat or boring (this can be accomplished with color).

All you need is a few basic elements to achieve a sophisticated Kanso style interior

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to create a Kanso style interior. You can even do it in your small home, if you want. All you need is a few basic elements:

  • A solid wooden table (or two) with strong legs and no frills (no intricate carvings or decorations)
  • A few soft pillows that can be used for sitting or lying down on the floor (or even as cushions for chairs)
  • Natural materials like wood or stone flooring; rattan furniture; cotton fabrics in neutral colors such as white, gray and black


We hope we’ve given you some inspiration for how to add Kanso style to your own home. Remember that this is not a fad or trend, but rather an approach to interior design that draws its roots from traditional Japanese culture. It’s all about finding balance in your home and keeping things simple–but with a twist!

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