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Everything You Have To Know About Mattress Sizes

One of the most important things you need to consider before you purchase a new mattress is size. Sizes of the popular mattresses can be crib mattresses, king-size mattresses, and many more. Some mattress options are quite obvious like standard crib mattresses for cribs or toddler beds, others can depend on various factors. 

Besides preference, there are also other considerations, such as the size of your bedroom. Ideally, it’s a good idea to buy the right mattress size that works well for your lifestyle and room. This article explains everything you have to know about mattress sizes.  

Understanding mattress size considerations

In most cases, you can consider the same factors when it comes to choosing a mattress size for guest bedrooms, master bedrooms, children’s bedrooms, and other adult bedrooms. First of all, you must consider the room’s size. You may prefer having a king size bed, but if it fails to fit your space, you have to choose a queen-size mattress. A king-size mattress can sometimes fit in the room, but you have to consider the space to move around and other furniture.

Secondly, your mattress preference can play a role when purchasing a mattress. This means you need to figure out how you want to use the mattress now and in the future. A full-size bed can be suitable for a guest bedroom, but a king or queen bed can suffice for couples who are visiting you.

There are several advantages of having king and queen-size beds, especially if they can fit in your space. On the other hand, a king-size bed can give you enough space to move around comfortably while sleeping and can be especially crucial for couples who sleep together and desire to have more space. 

But, a smaller queen-size bed gives more room for other furniture in the bedroom. For example, if you want to have an office area in your bedroom, then you may sacrifice mattress space to get more room for an office chair and desk.

Mattress size options

After you have figured out the space where you want to place your bed and preferences for mattress size, you need to know the size options available on the market. Some of the popular mattress sizes include full, queen, twin, and king-size mattresses, but other options can be suitable for you.

For example, a twin XL mattress can be suitable for growing youth and a California king provides some additional space compared to a queen mattress. Therefore, when purchasing a mattress, it all comes down to the mattress size that meets your needs. Some of the mattress sizes include: 

Toddler or crib mattress

It’s important to have a mattress that fits perfectly inside your crib. This is why the size of a crib mattress is federally regulated to make sure that it fits well to your child’s bed. 

Standard crib mattress sizes in inches can be at least 27″ wide by 52″ long. Cribs are usually a standard size and you need to make sure that the mattress fits well in the crib. The gap is considered to be too large if you can place two fingers between the side of the mattress and crib.

A standard crib mattress can be the ideal size for your little one and they can use it when the child becomes a toddler. This is because toddler and crib beds come in the same size. No wonder, many people simply turn their cribs into toddler beds and utilize toddler rails to prevent falls.

The mattress size can be the same, though there are still some differences. A mattress for a toddler needs to offer a little more give than a crib mattress. This is the reason why most crib mattresses are designed with a toddler side and an infant side.

Twin mattress

A twin mattress is suitable for kids, and it can fit them through their childhood. A normal twin mattress measures about 38” wide and 75” in length. It’s worth noting that this size makes sure that your child can use it until smaller adulthood. 

You can find a standard youth twin-size bed that can use slim mattresses for daybeds and bunk beds. They can also be a good option for small guest bedrooms or any other odd-shaped room that doesn’t have adequate room to fit a larger bed and mattress.

Twin XL mattress

If you want to have more legroom, but there is limited space, then you should consider purchasing a twin XL mattress. There is the standard twin XL that measures 39 x 80 inches to allow your growing child or an adult to fully stretch out. 

As you can see, a twin XL mattress comes with an extra 5 inches compared to the twin mattress. These extra inches in length bring in additional comfort for most young adults and teenagers. This is the reason why twin XL mattresses are a popular option for college dorm rooms that have limited floor space.

Remember that a twin XL mattress is also considered to be an economical option because you can move it from one space to another. You can also use it for your growing child over the years. Twin XL mattresses can also work well in small guest bedrooms

Full mattress

If you have enough space in the bedroom of your child and decide to upgrade to a full mattress, you can choose to purchase a full-size bed and mattress. You can do this once your kid outgrows their toddler bed. They can use a full mattress over the years because they can’t outgrow it.

A full mattress brings in a huge difference in space. You can find a full mattress that runs at 54” wide and 75” in length. This mattress is suitable for a full bed that is also known as a double bed. It’s the ideal size for most single sleepers. And, if you have adequate space in your guest room, a good choice can be a full-size mattress as it provides comfort to your overnight guests.

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