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5 Things That Make A Guy Attractive

by Lois Earles

According to experts, the science of attraction can be hard to predict. What one person finds attractive in their male partner may not be appealing to another. Plus, people’s tastes change over time, so there is also the possibility that what makes a guy attractive to their lover now isn’t the same as what was in the past. 

In general, many men believe that their attractiveness comes down solely to genetics. While it is true that genes play a big role, sometimes it can be a certain characteristic or a guy’s fashion sense that will do the trick and make them appear more appealing to another person.

Although what makes a man attractive is mainly based on personal opinion and preferences, there are still some universal qualities and traits both men and women would agree on. In this post, we outline five things that make guys attractive. 

Their personality and sense of humor

One thing that makes a guy very attractive is their sense of humor. When a man knows how to laugh and make unexpected jokes, they appears more laid-back to others which is a commendable trait. They show their partner that they are fun to be around and can take a joke on their behalf and pass one to the others around them. 

Besides, their sense of humor is also closely related to their personality. A guy who can laugh and make their significant other laugh as well is very charming and can significantly increase their lover’s physical attraction toward them.

Their physique 

Although many people would say that personality is one of the most important things that make a guy attractive, sometimes it is the man’s physique that attracts them more. The truth is before you actually get to know a guy on a psychological level, you first look at their body structure to determine whether they care about their physique.

Whether you’re a woman or a man, everyone feels attracted physically at first. For instance, if you’re gay and looking for a straight partner on various gay for straight ads, the first thing you will probably notice is their physique.

In general, a toned chest, shoulders, and arms are some body features that draw other people’s attention. Combine a good physique with a great fashion sense and you have a good-looking man who cares greatly about their overall appearance.

The way they’re dressed

Another thing that draws individuals towards another person is the way they dress. Although many might think that guys don’t pay much attention to their looks, the reality is a man who has a great fashion sense is actually very appealing.

Whether the guy is wearing denim jeans and a plain color tee or is dressed up in a navy pantsuit, there is something about clothes that make men more attractive. Their appearance may be even more charming if they put on some fashionable accessories such as a cap or a watch which will instantly make them look handsome and seductive.

Their manners

A guy can be very handsome with an excellent fashion style, but if he doesn’t have good manners, he will never appear attractive to others. A real gentleman should be respectful of others, polite, and courteous. This will help them make a positive impression on their partner as well as an enjoyable company and a good lover.

Some good manners every man should possess to appear attractive to their significant other include:

  • Holding the door open;
  • Arriving on time;
  • Greeting with a smile;
  • Making eye contact when talking;
  • Speaking clearly and graciously with others;
  • Being a good listener;
  • Never showing up empty-handed.

They aren’t afraid to show emotions

If there is one thing, many men have difficulties with showing their emotions in front of their partners. They believe that doing so makes them appear weak, so they refrain from expressing their emotions even during the hardest times of their life.

However, a guy who isn’t afraid or embarrassed to show his emotions and talk about his feelings is actually very attractive to women. It makes them more vulnerable as it shows that deep down they care about something or somebody and are allowing their loved ones to see it fully and openly.

Final thoughts 

Although attractiveness is a relative thing, there are several general traits and qualities a guy possesses that make them more appealing to others. From the clothes they wear to the way they act and handle themselves, a man’s attractiveness can be based on several things.

If you want to know more about it, refer to our post and read about the universal characteristics every guy has that make them handsome and charming. 

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