makeup trends for 2022

The Best Makeup Trends For 2022

2022 is set to be another exciting year in the world of makeup. If you even don’t know what is eyelash adhesive, you are really out. Come on! New trends and looks are already taking over runways as we speak, with more soon to take hold. If you are someone who likes to keep up to date with the latest trends, this post is for you.

Whether it be a new way to use powder foundation or a new color palette you haven’t experimented with yet, here are the 2022 makeup trends you need to know about.

Soft Skin

We are moving past the days of heavy-handed foundation, with looks steering more towards a softer, brighter face. While foundation is still a must for some, applying it more lightly and using it as something to highlight instead of hide, is the name of the game this year.

Detailed Eyebrows

Eyebrow looks have changed so dramatically over the years. Whether it be thin eyebrows, draw-on ones, ultra-bushy ones, and everything in between, however, this year is the year of the detailed brow.

Eyebrows that are well-manicured with sharp lines are the in-thing this year, even using some makeup to fill in tiny details to give you perfectly shaped brows.

Contoured Lips

Contoured cheekbones haven’t gone anywhere, we have now moved into the world of contoured lips. This may be something you have seen before, but it has quickly become more mainstream.

Using a more satin lipstick over anything too matte is recommended, as your lips can come out looking like they are covered in foundation.

Lip Gloss

Lip gloss was all the rage in the 90s and early 2000s. Like most trends from that era, though, they quickly died out. Everyone from high school girls to a young Britney Spears and Christian Aguilera were seen wearing it.

However, lip gloss has decided to make a comeback. The red carpet, catwalks, and magazine photoshoots have all seen lip gloss explode back onto the scene. If you want to relive your glossy, shiny lips day, 2022 is the time to do it.


There are two main color palettes for this year in the world of makeup, the first being metallics. While metallics did have their time in the sun a while back, they never quite went mainstream. That was until this year.

Bright, shiny eyeshadow, lipstick, and even blush can transform a look in an instant. While wearing all metallic everything at the same time might not be the best choice, adding some metallic elements to your makeup collection is a must.

Bold Blush

While blush has always been used as a way to highlight cheekbones subtly, 2022 is making blush the star of the show. Bold reds and pinks covering your cheeks can now be the focal point of your look instead of an addition.

Another trend for 2022, glitter, can accompany this look. While glitter has often been reserved for big nights out, combine a little bit of glitter with blush for a unique yet very on-trend look this year.


The other color palette that is going to be everywhere this year is neons. Bright yellows, greens, and oranges are all on the menu, and the only rules are the ones you make up. There are certain directions the looks are going on.

Matching eye shadow and blush seem to be the firm favorite right now, but mixing and matching are not only going to be encouraged but probably end up being the looks you see the most.

Red Lipstick

Red lipstick was the only color of choice for a decade or two back in the first half of the 20th century. While some may enjoy red lipstick for a wedding or on those nights you want to feel a bit romantic, it hasn’t been as popular as it once was for a long time.

However, 2022 is the year when red lipstick is no longer for special occasions but for everyday wear. Whether it be breakfast with friends, a family dinner, or date night, red lipstick is for every occasion, not just special ones.


The last big trend we are going to see is color-matching. Matching your eye shadow with your lipstick or something similar isn’t new, but 2022 is seeing makeup, matching outfits more and more.

Whether it be matching with a dress or a top, start color-coordinating this year.

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