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Most Challenging Monsters in Path of Exile

by Lois Earles

Gruesome monsters and enemies play an important role in the success of any Dungeon Crawler. Most of the games in the genre that were a hit had a huge variety of monsters with a great concept, art direction and depth in general.

Similarly, like any other MMORPG, Path of Exile has a huge variety of monsters that make the game look so great along with making it more challenging as well. PoE Surely has the most insane bosses and monsters that are super challenging to fight but at the same time offers a ton of PoE ORBS. So in this article, we are going to talk about a few of the most challenging bosses and monsters to fight in Path of Exile.


Bameth is a bow-using beyond demon that keeps his distance from you while being as deadly as it can be. What makes Bameth so deadly is his Vaal Detonate Dead Skill which causes the body of every foe you have slain to detonate one after the other which would instantly kill any build.

The explosions are so powerful that they are going to kill you even if you have an active energy shield or any other kind of resistance. The best way to face Bameth is to be agile and quickly kill him before he turns your map into a frickin’ war zone.

Uber Elder

Uber Elder was the PoE’s final boss before Conquerors and Sirus were introduced. Fighting Uber Elder is considered the games ultimate test of a build the player’s skills and it surely is so. You have to greatly take care of boss and mob management in this fight as Elder minions constantly spawn during the fight.

Fighting Uber Elder is surely hard but its precisely fair, so the fight really feels hardcore, as well as fair which makes it one of the most enjoyable duels in Path of Exile.


The next one on this list might be one of the most powerful and hard to kill bosses you are ever going to face in Path of Exile but she sure isn’t worth putting in the effort because in the end, the fight turns out to be not so rewarding considering what you have to go through.

Her damage is totally OP and it can get to as high as 2k damage per second with her ground attack. but if you are someone looking for a quick thrill and a REALLY hard challenge no matter what the reward is, well Oshabi might just be the perfect boss for you! But don’t tell me I didn’t warn you, alright?

Uber Atziri

Strategies are what changes the fate of the game and speaking of which the queen of Vaal is one of the VERY FEW bosses that requires you to be very tactical with your approach. Her ultimate ability enables her to create copies of herself along with the ability to mirror your powers and attack you back with it.

Imagine having the best build in the game and then you come face to face with this beast and she just reflects back your power and BOOM, that’s it. So be prepared before you set foot into the Alluring Abyss, because once you do there is no going back. And if that wasn’t enough, her Alluring Abyss version also comes packed with more damage and HP.


Sirus is one of the final bosses of PoE. Sirus demands tonnes of patience and the players need to compose themselves. Sirus really tests the player’s wits and skills when it comes to intense combat as he casts storms all over the map causing serious damage if you get struck with a one.

Sirus constantly tries to kill you with one blow with his beam attacks while teleporting offscreen and spawning back at random spots surprising the hell out of you.

The Maven

The Maven without a doubt is the most hardcore boss one will ever face in Path of Exile. Maven requires a whole set of skills and if you lack one single content, don’t even dare think to defeat this final boss. Maven requires players to be agile, and to be able to memorise her attack patterns to predict her next moves.

Maven won’t let you breathe with her constant long range attacks, including various projectiles and energy orbs that keep you on the run. But that’s not even the worst part, there’s not enough and amidst all this chaos the only things that can save you is being vigilant and thinking on your toes.

The Crystal King – Aul

Aul resides in the furthest reaches of Delve. Due to the scaling mechanism, Aul tops the Maven only because he’s sequenced after her while just being a boss knight with no extra mechanics that make him a tough one other than his love for cold.

The fact that he’s the final boss alone gives him and his stupid mob the ability to instantly kill you which really gets annoying at some point. But it doesn’t stop there, as you dive deeper into the mines things start to get even harder due to the modifiers that make all of the enemies more powerful against your powers.

There’s just so much variety when it comes to boss fights in PoE, some require meticulous strategy while others demand you to be super powerful in order to match the sheer strength of the bosses. And while the game keeps on introducing new and more powerful bosses to the game, these are currently the most challenging monsters in Path of Exile.

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