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Three Top Tips for Moving to America 

Moving to America is an exciting prospect. The American Dream is still very much alive, and this might be something you have looked forward to for a long time. But there is also a lot to think about and organize. Moving abroad, especially to a large country like America, where there are different laws in different States, requires a lot of planning.

Our tips for moving to the USA will help you with your big move and make sure you have everything covered.

1. Visit the local area (if you can)

You’ll get a feel for the area before moving, making the process less daunting. You’ll become familiar with your surroundings, make connections and find some sweet spots you’d like to explore, like a restaurant.

It also allows you to locate critical places like doctors, banks, dentists, and supermarkets – all things that are crucial when moving (especially with a family!) but easily overlooked in the moment.

But be prepared for culture shock. Even if you’re really excited about moving, you might find yourself homesick for certain foods, places, smells, and people. This is a normal part of the process, but still challenging to experience. Joining an expat forum and keeping in touch with friends and family can make a big difference during this period of your big move.

2. Shipping your belongings

This requires lots of research to ensure you find the right shipping company. You should have your belongings, such as furniture and your car, flown via air cargo, or shipping everything over in containments suits you and your family better.

Whatever you decide, make sure you check your insurance policies. At a minimum, you will want travel and health insurance, at least during the moving process, to make sure you’re covered should the worse happen. America does not have a national health service, so once you have settled, have a look at what type works for your family.

But it’s also worth looking at insurance policies for your car, belongings, and even your new house. Looking into insurance for your current vehicle or a new one you’ll be driving in the US can feel overwhelming with everything you have to organize, so talking to a broker such as KBD insurance can help with this process.

Suppose you’re moving as part of a corporate relocation and have a package included. In that case, you can talk to your new employer, as often a lot of insurance is already covered or can be negotiated to be included.

3. Learn about the culture

Politeness and knowledge go a long way when you’re an expat! Part of the moving process is ensuring you know what will upset people and how to address people in certain situations. Although America is similar to other Western countries, there are still a lot of cultural differences and local etiquette.

Alongside this, ensure you know where things are, so you stay safe. This is especially important if you couldn’t visit before your move. Use Google Maps to locate essential locations, like your new office. Find out when shops open and close, the dates of local holidays, and what public transport runs where.

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