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Four Must-Visit Cities for Budding Musicians in 2021 and Beyond

by Lois Earles

Traveling to different cities, states, and countries is a favorite pastime for many, both reading this and beyond. With the pandemic putting a stopper to the travel plans of millions, we feel confident there will be some people reading this who are keen to travel as soon as possible.

At the same time, it is worth noting that people will travel for several different reasons. While some people will travel for business, others will travel for leisure. What constitutes leisurely travel is unique to the individual. Are you traveling to see the sites or to experience different cultures and cuisines? For the most part, these questions provide the foundation for many travelers when booking their next expedition.

In comparison, some might be traveling for inspiration of some sort. Musicians and other artists will undoubtedly have a list of locations they wish to travel to for one reason or another. With a whole host of cities worldwide providing their own musical history, we feel confident there will be some budding musicians reading this who are planning their own journeys.

Interested in discovering what are some of the must-visit cities for budding musicians? Then stick around! Detailed below are but some of those.

1. Nashville, Tennessee

Playing home to country and western music, Nashville is up there on our list of must-visit cities. No matter what street you stumble upon, you can expect to find many venues providing live music. Abundant with famous honky-tonk venues, budding musicians can pick up inspiration from all corners of the city, whether interested in country music or not.

Visit this website and explore all that the city offers, from historic venues like the Grand Ole Opry to more modern-day settings. What’s more, throw yourself into the culture even more by purchasing yourself some cowboy boots! Feel and look the part while enjoying all that Nashville has to offer. Step into the shoes of those who came before you, and leave feeling filled with inspiration for any upcoming music projects you are working on.

2. Chicago, Illinois

Famous for jazz and blues music, Chicago provides all of this and more for those budding musicians who grace its sidewalks. Drawing in millions of visitors each year, there is no surprise that many add The Windy City to their list of places to visit. While the streets of Chicago are abundant with more intimate venues, you can also expect to find larger ones, playing host to the big names of the music world.

With the likes of Kanye West and other big names hailing from the city, there is no surprise a desire for fans and budding musicians alike to visit. Seeing where your favorite artist grew up and exploring the streets that have inspired their music? It just can’t be beaten!

Feeling inspired during your visit and cannot wait to get home to record your ideas? Check out state-of-the-art Chicago recording studios provided by Pirate. Not only will you be offered a safe space to conduct your work, but you can expect access to venues like these anytime of day or night. Don’t let inspiration slip away from you!

3. Detroit, Michigan

Detroit is bursting with musical history and heritage, so it should be on any musician’s must-visit list, both in the latter half of 2021 and beyond! For those who have not brushed up on their musical history recently, Detroit is the birthplace of Motown. Following the mass migration of people during the early 1900s, various sounds combined and influenced one another to create a vibrant new sound and era.

Fans of The Supremes, Stevie Wonder and The Temptations will no doubt want to pay a visit to this cultural gem. On the other hand, Motown fans are not the only ones who might be inclined to visit a location such as this. Hip hop and rap fans will most likely be aware that Detroit was the location for 8-Mile, the award-winning film featuring Eminem. Add Detroit to your list of cities to visit if you feel inspired to explore the various shot locations from the film and use the inspiration in your own musical efforts!

4. Los Angeles, California

Way out on the west coast of the United States is a sprawling metropolis of close to four million people. Los Angeles is best known for its reputation as home to the stars and as a hub for film and television filming, but that does not mean that it is not also hosting a thriving music scene. For many young singers wishing to break into the industry, Los Angeles is the sought-after location. Moving to California and making it is a dream come true.

Explore Hollywood to see the sites from blockbuster films and venture down the Sunset Strip to explore the many live music venues that paved the way for rock legends throughout time. What’s more, ensure you explore the Walk of Fame, to catch a glimpse of your favorite musician’s star on the infamous walkway!

Capitol Records sits in the heart of Hollywood and should be at the top of any budding musician’s must-see list. While you are currently unable to tour the studios themselves, you can marvel at the venue where many artists recorded some of the best-selling albums of all time. If that doesn’t leave you feeling inspired, then we don’t know what will!

While this piece has only detailed a handful of the must-visit cities for budding musicians, we hope it has given you an insight into the types of locations out there. Whether you had considered visiting those mentioned or are now feeling inspired to do so, you can expect to be faced with varying cultures and influences.

Visit just one of the cities mentioned or make a plan to visit them all in a once-in-a-lifetime road trip; the choice is entirely up to you! Just know that wherever you choose to explore will provide you with all you need as a budding musician. Gain inspiration and advice from the birthplace of different genres and go forth with confidence that what you are working on will pave the way for future musicians!

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