nfl quarterbacks lifestyle choices

NFL Quarterbacks Whose Lifestyle Choices Bring Results

The NFL is one of the most physically brutal and mentally demanding sports leagues on the planet, with even the top players in the league constantly worrying about whether they still have what it takes to compete against the sport’s elite performers.

Of course, raw talent and natural physical attributes can help assuage some of those doubts and worries, but players are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve their game on the field, so that their personal brand flourishes off it. Lifestyle choices are a huge part of this, with the players who live healthy and balanced lifestyles usually being the ones who stick around the league the longest, wowing fans on a weekly basis.

Here we take a look at just some of the lifestyle choices and changes that big name quarterbacks have used to ensure they stay one step ahead of the blitz.

nfl quarterbacks lifestyle choices

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Tom Brady

He may have announced his retirement after the end of another riveting season of defying the odds for NFL bettors and Buccaneers fanatics, but Brady had to be included here because anyone whose lifestyle choices enable them to play till the ripe old age of 44 is obviously doing something right. Part of what has made him an ever-present in the NFL odds lines, that fans use sports free bets on, is that he blended elements of a vegan diet with those of an organic diet, so that he got the best of both plant-based produce and ethically produced, lean meat.

Another thing that meant he kept on confounding the online betting tipsters was his dedication to recovery. To this end, he endured a rigorous massage and tissue pliability routine, which meant he endured yet more pain as soon as he stepped from the pitch or practice field but benefitted from faster recovery times as a result.

Last but not least, Brady is also a huge advocate of regenerative sleep, ensuring he gets at least nine hours of shuteye each and every single night, apart from when he occasionally celebrates winning the Super Bowl of course.

Dak Prescott

While Brady has a whole website and product range dedicated to letting other people live his complex lifestyle, there are other top QBs who take a more relaxed approaching, in the knowledge that quality downtime away from training and recovery is every bit as important as any other aspect of their lifestyle.

It is for this reason that the Dallas Cowboys’ Dak Prescott is so into his fishing, a pastime he finds relaxes his mind and allows him to zone out from a sport that can sometimes become all-consuming. For a player who suffers so much from injuries, it is stress-relieving hobbies like fishing that can keep him on an even keel, both physically as well as mentally.

nfl quarterbacks lifestyle choices

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Kirk Cousins

He is the starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings and earns in the region of $28m per annum and yet Kirk Cousins shuns all the trappings that come with that sort of earning power, choosing instead to live a very down to earth lifestyle.

Indeed, for large portions of the season, he lives in a basement flat and still drives a battered old GMC Savana rather than trading it in for a brand spanking new vehicle. Perhaps it is this choice of lifestyle that enables him to maintain his hunger for a sport that is renowned for beating the fight out of its quarterbacks.

There are countless stories of quarterbacks, and NFL players in general, who go off the rails as soon as mammoth pay checks start hitting their bank accounts. Perhaps Cousins has devised a lifestyle that avoids that happening – building a giant pension fund in the process.

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