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8 Nude Beaches in Mexico: A First-Timer’s Essential Guide

by Lois Earles

Are you looking for a place where the freedom to be yourself takes center stage? Look no further than the enchanting nude beaches in Mexico. Without any inhibitions and swimwear to get in your way, it is a wonderful way to enjoy unbridled relaxation that transcends conventional experiences.

8 Top Nude Beaches in Mexico

Here are the top locations where you can embrace the natural beauty and liberty of the seaside havens in your birthday suit.

1. Playa Zipolite

Playa Zipolite

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This is the country’s first legal nude beach. It is located on the southern Pacific coast of Mexico. Its long golden sand beach and hosting the Festival Nudista Zipolite which happens annually have made it gain international recognition. The event attracts nudists from across the globe.

Zipolite was legally recognized as a nude beach in 2016 and it is popular among LGBTQ+ travelers. This is because it offers a free-spirited and all-inclusive holiday experience. At this beach, respect nudist etiquette including:

• Carrying a towel to sit on.
• Not taking photos without permission.
• Refraining from overtly sexual behavior.

Despite being a renowned nudist beach, you can’t go to a restaurant or other place outside the beach without clothes.

2. Playa Puerto Angelito

Playa Puerto Angelito

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The family-friendly beach is located west of Manzanillo Beach and stretches for about 120 meters. Warm Pacific waters on this beach are ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and stand-up paddle boarding.

Restaurants and local bars are on the western end of the beach with surprisingly good cuisine, especially fish and seafood.

The ambience is lively and the prices are affordable for locals and tourists. You can get there in five minutes by taxi from El Adoquin with water taxis running from Playa Principal.

3. Coronado Island Beach

Coronado Island Beach

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You can reach this beautiful beach by a short boat trip from Loreto town. Its crystal clear water makes it ideal for snorkeling with tropical fish lurking in the shallows. You can also spot dolphins, sea lions, or pelicans on a lucky day.

After having enough marine life, you can get your clothes back on and explore this little island. Attractions include a dormant volcano and a natural trail along the coast. However, there are no facilities available. So, you have to carry whatever you need with you apart from the restroom.

4. Punta Serena Jalisco

Punta Serena Jalisco

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The adults-only beach is located in Tenacatita, Jalisco. Reaching there is a 65-minute drive from Manzanillo, Colima. There’s a holistic spa where you can enjoy yoga or a mud-wrapping detoxifying experience.

An outdoor jacuzzi and outdoor bathtub are available. Furthermore, you can indulge in snorkeling, tennis, and diving. With exclusive access, reservations are guaranteed with a credit card.

5. Playa del Secreto

Playa del Secreto

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The secret beach, tucked away in the upmarket Santa Lucia Bay, has limited public access. This gem is located in a sheltered cove. Its seclusion and wilderness feel have made it a popular spot for naturists over the years.

You can indulge in sunbathing, swimming, and sup-surfing. This beach is easily accessible being located on the road with parking directly on the beach.

6. Yerbabuena Beach

Yerbabuena Beach

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Located near Santa María Huatulco, Oaxaca, you can sunbathe or swim in the raw at this beach. The small and private location offers a clothing-optional experience. Its secluded location provides a sense of camaraderie among visitors. The ambiance at the location is ideal for relaxation and introspection.

The pristine environment and unspoiled surroundings create a stunning backdrop for sunbathing and leisurely walks clothed or unclothed. It’s popular for camping couples and is accessible by boat. The best months to visit are January, February, March, November, and December when the weather is warm.

7. Playa Sonrisa Beach

Playa Sonrisa Beach

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The beach is located in a cove in Xcalak Reefs. You can only access this location through a dirt road but the challenge is worth the effort. Look forward to enjoying a natural paradise basking in tranquility, peace, and quiet.

Play Sonrisa is comforting and relaxing with good planning to give every visitor the ultimate experience. Look out for lots of seashells, buoys, driftwood, and decorated sand.

This is what you should know before visiting this location:

• Clothing is optional.
• Only couples are welcome.
• A rooftop patio is available with a self-service bar.
• Guests with alternative lifestyles are accepted.
• Continental breakfast, lunch, and dinner are available at the guest restaurant.

8. Playa del Amor

Playa del Amor

Image source: Pinterest

Also known as Lover’s Beach, this secluded paradise is located on Marieta Islands about 22 miles west of Puerto Vallarta. This gem is tucked away inside a lush tropical island. It is only accessible through a tunnel that links the location to the open ocean. No boat can access the little bay and the beach is invisible from the inside.

The uninhabited Marieta Islands were formed by underwater volcanic eruptions. Other people say the islands resulted from bombings by the Mexican government in the early 1900s during military testing.

Expect to see its rich marine life and the blue-footed booby. Be ready to swim from the boat to the beach. Official regulations require visitors to spend only 15 to 20 minutes at the location.

Mexico’s nude beaches promise authenticity and a chance to redefine your connection with the sun, the sea, and yourself.

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