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Tips for Improving Your Online Gaming Privacy

Mobile apps and computer games use small developer kits (SDKs) built into the systems to define specific events and track your gaming activities. These are lines of code developed to facilitate the tracking and collecting of your behavioral, social, and biometric data. Developers use the information collected to evaluate player preferences and behaviors to inform future upgrades.

However, unethical developers may sell the data to third-party advertisers or bad actors. Hackers can inject ransomware into third-party counterfeit items and offers or seize control of your gaming account. Cyberbullies and predators can hide behind gaming characters and avatars to befriend and take advantage of kids or provoke other players.

How Can You Safeguard Your Gaming Activities?

The online gaming environment has many threats: hackers, cyber-bullies, malicious data-harvesting bots, and predators. While predators target kids, they also take advantage of naïve gamers by stealing their money or compromising gaming accounts. Malicious data harvesting bots and hackers use the latest technologies to track and harvest your data for evil motives. How can you reinforce the security and privacy of your gaming activities? These tips will help.

Set Strong Passwords

Weak and short passwords are easy to guess, and attackers can easily brute-force them. Combine random strings of unique characters with numbers, symbols, and letters to create strong, hard-to-guess passwords. Use password management tools to keep track of your multi-character and hard-to-remember passwords.

Change passwords every few months to maximize the security of your gaming accounts. Set up two-factor authentication to further reinforce the security of your profiles and prevent hacking attempts.

Keep Personal Information to Yourself

Predators and cyberbullies first befriend you to study your behaviors and activities before they attack. Similarly, hackers and data harvesting bots need access to your confidential information, such as location, username, and password. Don’t ever engage with your real name on gaming forums or share your details with people you don’t trust.

Use a VPN network to disguise your location and prevent hackers from accessing your PC or gaming console. VPN networks let you surf the net behind another IP address to protect you against all sorts of attacks. VPNs can also prevent bandwidth throttling, which can affect the speed and consistency of your internet speeds.

Download From Reputable Websites

Hackers trying to access your gaming account or steal from you inject ransomware into gaming apps and software. That way, when you download virus-infected apps or software, they can track your activities and confidential data. Unverified online stores and websites offering free versions of paid gaming apps and software aren’t always safe.

Think twice before using cheat codes, third-party add-ons, or illegal downloads, as the dangers outweigh the benefits. Always source video games legally to keep your computer secure and attackers at bay.

Don’t Open Suspicious Links

Attackers also share virus-infected links to in-game chats. Such links may be link-based scams or phishing attempts by scammers. Even if they aren’t scams, you can’t tell the motive of the link sharer.

Keep in mind that clicking on shared in-game links when playing console or computer games can compromise their gaming accounts. Hackers can use such links to introduce malicious apps or software to your console or computer, creating a leeway for them to steal your gaming assets, information, or credentials.

Be Watchful When Using Community Markets

Game developers are incessantly looking for ways to make your experience as wholesome and exciting as possible. The new in-game items, purchasable game updates, and app packs introduced into the markets regularly are a way to improve your fun. Virtual items and goods are great for boosting the overall gaming experience and game character.

As game developers introduce new products, similar but illegal copies enter the black markets at a lower price. The deals offered by black market sellers are so attractive that it’s hard to pass them up. However, for the safety of your games and devices, only use legal means to buy in-game items and updates.


Countering hacking attempts and gaming threats should be among your top priorities. You’ll encounter many dangers that, if not handled properly, will lead to data loss, financial infiltration, and account seizing by hackers. Try these solutions today to protect yourself and your loved ones from attackers.

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