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The Importance of Opinion Leadership in Marketing

by Lois R. Earles

Opinion leadership has become integral to modern social groups. The interpersonal and informal information shared by many of the opinion leaders around the social media space can inform service- and product-buying decisions. Therefore, opinion leadership is a powerful tool for improving one’s selling strategy in today’s highly competitive marketplace. 

Popularly known as word-of-mouth communication, opinion leadership influences the acceptance rates of goods and services. It’s the only way to succeed in this cutthroat world. Opinion leaders have a deep knowledge of a particular field, which is why their thoughts are highly valuable.

What Is Opinion Leadership?

Opinion leadership is an intellectually motivated process of informally creating awareness around products and services to influence buyer actions and attitudes. The people in this space are socially connected, and their operations depend highly on their followers. There is often an overlap between influencers and opinion leaders. However, the latter has the added advantage of experience and knowledge in the idea or item they’re peddling.

What Defines a Good Opinion Leader?

Not everybody with a substantial social following qualifies to be called an opinion leader. Genuine opinion leaders always verify the source of their information and are never biased. They base their thoughts on their years of gathered knowledge. Therefore, their advice and recommendations address all bases while creating awareness.

We see opinion leaders in many aspects. For example:

  • A family head searching for high-quality internet devices asks his internet marketing son for suggestions. The son tells him to check out this list of eco-friendly gadgets to find out what’s trending and in his budget.
  • When friends discuss the best gaming smartphones, one recommends the phone he recently got that supports most games.

Benefits of Opinion Leadership for Businesses

The hardest part of marketing is getting your business to reach a broader audience. Even with effective localization and proper marketing strategies, some companies fail to reach their potential customers.

Businesses are ever searching for top-notch ways to attract more prospects and increase conversions and sales. Influencers, internet marketers, and content creators have taken center stage in online marketing. Opinion leaders are also shaping the digital marketing space while helping companies connect with more people. The benefits that one can tap from partnering with opinion leaders are manifold.

  • A Method to Target the Ideal Audience

Opinion leaders can open up your business to the right audience. They boost your brand awareness, helping potential customers discover and buy your products and services.

  • A Powerful Sales Generator

Opinion leaders have an active following that trusts in their judgments. These people buy in masses when the opinion leaders recommend a product or service. When you bring an influential industry leader on board as part of your marketing team, their voice will convert their followers into your clients.


Opinion leadership, like influencer marketing, is slowly but surely gaining traction in the marketing strategies of companies of all sizes. The cost of hiring opinion leaders can be on the higher end, but if you find the right candidate, you will see your sales numbers skyrocket.

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