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Simple Tips for Planning the Perfect Baby Shower

While everyone is enthusiastically waiting for the stork’s arrival and the baby in the bundle, there’s got to be someone to make this occasion as memorable as it should be. It’s definitely you, whether you’re the baby’s grandma, aunt, or the mum’s best friend; you can have the honor of planning the welcome party for the baby. 

Consider the basics


Establishing a fixed guest list should be the number one task to get on many other decisions, like the budget and location. However, the guest of honor has to be part of this planning step. You don’t want to invite someone she doesn’t like or forget to invite one of her dearest friends.

The consequences of upsetting a pregnant lady aren’t predictable. So, it’s better to check with her about who she wants to be invited to the shower and who she doesn’t. 


You can do the math and allocate a reasonable budget after deciding on the guest count. The budget won’t be exactly fixed at this level as there are still many things to consider. However, an approximate amount will put you on the right path and guide you through the rest of the preparations.


Take our advice on that; at some point, you’ll be drowned in a lot of responsibilities, preparations, and deadlines. So, it’s recommended to use a baby shower checklist to make the job easier for you and ensure every detail is covered.

Choose the date & location.

“When to have a baby shower” is the question that boggles every shower planner. Some prefer to have it before the baby’s birth, and others believe the baby should be present in the shower as it’s the party’s special guest. Actually, when to have the event is the mum-to-be’s decision. 

There are advantages to both options, and here are some to help her make the final call:

A baby shower before the birth

  • The mother-to-be enjoys her time.
  • There are many options for the shower location.
  • She receives many gifts for the baby, saving her the weariness of shopping.
  • Meeting up with family members and friends might improve the mother’s unstable mood.

A baby shower after the birth

  • Guests get the chance to meet the baby and congratulate the mom.
  • Guests know the sex and size of the baby, enabling them to get the right gift.
  • Both the mum and the baby can take memorable pictures with guests.
  • It’s the only option in cases of adoption.


When a pregnant lady or a newborn is involved, the venue should be absolutely perfect, so they’re entirely comfortable and safe. Here are the best baby shower venues:


The mum’s home is a comfortable and cozy option venue for a pre and post-birth shower. It’s a reasonable and economical option if the guest’s number is limited. However, you have to remember that it’ll be a mess after the shower is over. So, it would help if you got ready to roll up your sleeves.


Hosting the shower in a cafe could be a good idea only in the case of a pre-birth shower. Because taking a newborn to a public and crowded place is not highly advised, it will be exhausting for the new mum. 

However, if the bun is still in the oven, there’s not much to worry about, except that guests won’t preserve complete privacy as there will be other people in the café. If the budget is generous and the guest count is large, you can reserve the whole café.

Event venue

A baby shower venue is a perfect option for both shower timings, before and after delivery. An event venue is a wise option as there will be extensive space for guests to mingle around and have fun. The mum and baby would have their own space away from crowds if the little one needed a diaper change or a milk bottle.


If the expectant mum is a nature-lover, a beach could be a very refreshing idea. The cool breeze will be great for her and the baby. However, laying out the beach for the shower could be challenging. So, you might need the help of an event planner to get you all the supplies and furniture. 

Organize decorations

Pick a theme

It’s tough to start the decoration without a specific theme in mind. Actually, there’re many ideas and themes to choose from. For example, a particular color depending on the baby’s sex is one of the most prominent themes.

However, if you’re more into a unique style, animals, cars, unicorns, or barbies would be memorable and fun. You don’t have to bother yourself with many themed items; two or three things are enough. As for the rest of the decorative items, a specific color that matches the theme idea would do the trick.

Set a balloon garland arch

A balloon arch is an essential decorative item that will give the venue a festive twist. You can combine different balloon sizes and colors, and it’s effortless to make. You only have to make sure the balloons’ colors match the themed items, and your decorated venue is good to go. 

Go creative with the food table.

The shower food table is the counter piece of the venue, so it has to be great. Use the table cloth that matches the theme. Then, place the multi-layered cake or the all-time special idea, a diaper cake, in the center of the table and surround it with the rest of the food options you’ve prepared. You can add some baby banners, candles, flowers, baby bottles, etc.

Plan some baby shower games

If you want to make this event memorable for guests and the mum, the fun and laugh element should be present at the party. Here are the top baby shower ideas to enjoy a cheerful time:

Don’t cross the legs

Because the mum-to-be is in the last weeks of her pregnancy, crossing her legs is not something that her big belly handles. As an honor to the mum, no one is allowed to cross their legs during the shower. It’s a fun and interactive game, and the mum will very much appreciate it.

Diaper change race

It will be satisfying for the mum-to-be to watch her guests doing one of the most uninviting activities, which will be a vital part of her life for a long period. This game is hilarious, even though it’s not exactly the same experience. You only have to get some baby dolls and a pack of diapers, and the winner is the one who changes as many diapers in a short time frame.

Gift guess

Because opening the baby gifts is an important tradition of the shower, it would be nice to take advantage of the wasted time in that part and come up with a new game. Everyone should guess the next gift the mum is opening, and the one who has the highest score can choose one of the gifts.

Plan some refreshments

Food is an essential element in all events. But, when it comes to food, in this case, it’s better to keep it light and diverse. One of the top baby shower food ideas is appetizers—for example, chicken and waffle sliders, pizza, ham, and cheese pinwheels.

Final Touches – party touches & thank you notes

Preparing some simple and sweet gifts to thank guests for attendance will be an appreciable gesture. You can prepare cookies jars, pots of honey, bow ties, or anything related to the theme. Don’t forget to combine each gift with a thank you note.

The thank you cards should be written by the special guest in the mum’s handwriting. So, help her by getting some colored sticky notes, pens of different colors, and suggestions on what to write on a card. 

Don’t know what to write on a baby shower card? We got your back for that, too.

  • My baby shower wouldn’t have been that fun without you. Thanks for attending; it meant so much.
  • I felt my baby’s excitement when I saw the gift you got for her. Thank you for being here with us and for the special gift.
  • You’re the butterfly of all parties. Thank you for making the shower extra joyful. 

Wrapping up

It’s definitely challenging to plan everything about the party, starting from the venue to the food ideas. However, all that weary will pay off when you see how happy guests and the mum-to-be are at the party that you, and only, planned.

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