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Put Your Garage In Order By Following These Clever Steps

by Lois Earles

People who don’t have the budget to extend their homes should maximize the space that’s already available to them. That’s why folks buy multipurpose furniture that’s designed for small homes, or check out the various storage options.

Garages can quickly become cluttered and disorganized, making it difficult to find anything that’s stored there. Plus, it can be easy to trip over things and have an accident. If this sounds like your garage, don’t worry because we have the solution! There are a few clever steps you can take to put your garage in order – and that’s what this article’s all about.

Use Overhead Storage

If you want to free up your walls and cupboards and increase your vacant floor space, this could be the answer. Anything that you can store above eye level is considered overhead storage. This includes items such as holiday decorations, seasonal clothing, and those pesky plastic containers that never seem to have a home. If you have particularly high ceilings, you could consider hanging baskets or bins from the rafters.

There are also special storage systems available on the market. You can buy overhead garage storage made of thicker gauge steel, either opting for DIY versions or having them professionally installed. Some can hold up to 800 Lbs, are retractable up to 6′ from the ceiling, and require no power source.

Use Pegboards

These are a great way to use vacant wall space and make things more accessible. You can buy them at any hardware store, and they’re relatively easy to install. Pegboards are made of hardboard with evenly spaced holes drilled into them. The holes are used to hold pegs, which can be used to support a variety of objects. You can use pegboards to store everything from rakes and shovels to power tools. Make sure that the objects you hang on the pegboard aren’t too heavy, or else the board might come crashing down!

Here are some tips to help you:

  • Choose the right size pegboard.
  • Get hooks that fit snugly in the holes.
  • Use zip ties or strong tape to secure anything that’s particularly heavy or could fall and injure someone.

Install Shelving

Another way to make use of empty wall space is to install shelves (including corner shelves). They’re great for storing boxes of holiday decorations or seasonal items that you don’t need on a regular basis. You can also use them to store paint cans, oil, antifreeze, etc. – anything that might take up valuable space in your garage if left on the floor or worktop.

You can buy ready-made shelving units at any home improvement store, or you can build your own out of wood. If you’re handy with power tools, building your own shelves will be a relatively easy project. Just make sure that the shelving is securely fastened to the wall so that it can support the weight of everything you plan to store on it.

Hang Things Up

Do you have bikes, sports equipment, hobby items, tools, extension cords, hoses, lawn chairs or umbrellas? These are all great things to hang up out of the way. Not only will it clear up some floor space, but it’ll also help to keep them organized and in good condition. This is because they won’t be sitting on the ground getting dusty or dirty, or getting damaged.

Hooks and hangers are your best friends when it comes to getting things off of the ground and up on the walls. You can use nails, screws, or even adhesive strips to put hooks into place. As with pegboards and shelving, make sure that whatever you’re hanging is secure because you don’t want anything falling down and breaking/injuring someone.

Invest In Storage Containers

Bins and baskets are usually made of plastic or metal, and they’re used to store things like tools, sports equipment, and gardening supplies. They can be hung on the wall or placed on shelves/flooring so that everything’s neatly organized and out of the way. 

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Look for bins that are stackable, so that you can make the most of your space.
  • Get bins with lids to keep dust and dirt out.
  • Clear plastic storage containers are great for e.g. storing smaller items like nails, screws, and washers. You can see through the sides, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for without having to dig through a bunch of boxes.

Label Everything

This will help you know exactly where everything is supposed to go, and it will make it easier to find things when you need them. You can buy labels at any office supply store, or you can make your own with a label maker or sharpie markers.

Here are some extra tips:

  • Use different colors for different types of items
  • Label the front and back of each item
  • Write in large, clear letters, so you can read them from a distance

Get Rid Of Clutter And Create Sections

One of the best ways to keep your garage organized is to get rid of clutter. If you have things that you don’t use or need, get rid of them. You can donate them (to friends or charity), sell them (e.g. at yard sales or online), or throw them away responsibly (using recycling centers/being wise over toxic waste, etc.). This will free up space and make it easier to find the things that you need.

If you have sufficient space, create sections in your garage. Each area can have a designated purpose (e.g. for hobbies, DIY, vehicles). In terms of storage, keep items relevant for each particular area (e.g. keep your tools in the DIY section).

Thanks to these clever tips, you’ll be able to organize your garage as never before. The space will feel bigger, you’ll know where everything is, and you’ll have more enjoyment as a result. Once you’ve made some changes, keep it clean and tidy, so you can reap the benefits for many years ahead.

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