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Quality is the Key to Good Production

by Lois Earles

Whether you are a manufacturer or a consumer, you want a well-produced end product. Defects in manufacturing result in wasted time and money, and can lead to lost contracts and damage customer relations.

Quality Control (QC) procedures and reviews exist to prevent product defects. By streamlining workflow and conducting critical-point inspections, you can ensure products meet quality standards before they ship out to customers.

How Product Defect Rates Affect Business

Let’s take a more in-depth look into how product defect rates (PDR) can affect sales and business. Your company’s defect rate is a crucial metric of your performance and efficiency in manufacturing. It’s essential to understand the impact a high PDR can have, even down your process chain. Product defects indicate that something in your manufacturing chain is not working as it should.

Beyond an obvious waste of time and a poor experience for the customer, a high PDR can significantly impact various aspects of your business.

Each defect in product manufacturing also represents a waste of raw materials. Depending on your total cost of parts and your rework costs, your company could be spending a substantial amount of capital in defects alone. Once you include shipping and delivery fees, you may be surprised at the total cost involved in just one fault.

If a defect requires a product rework, then deadlines may be missed or require re-scheduling, which can have a “domino effect” in other areas. The resulting delay can cause excessive overtime and premium shipping fees to keep the new deadline.

The Most Valuable Resource is the Customer

Though costly, material and delivery expenses can be recouped over time. The most precious of all resources every business has is its customer base. If your business loses its core clientele, then the entire enterprise is lost. Loss of reputation and brand trust is where a high PDR can do the most damage.

Whether due to long delivery delays or defective products reaching end-users, it is difficult to recover once the damage is done. A customer who decides to leave is rarely ever seen again. It usually only takes one defective product to turn away a consumer, and one faulty palette to make a client re-think their contract or order. So as the saying goes: “You only get one chance to make a first impression.”

Because first impressions are crucial to gaining repeat customers, your company must catch and prevent defects before reaching the client or consumer. Many companies don’t invest any time or effort into quality assurance (QA) until they’ve already had unfavorable customer interaction. By adopting a reactionary stance on quality, they leave the door open to alienating customers first and then attempting to clean up the damage afterward.

While the reactive approach may seem attractive as a cost-saving measure early-on in your company’s life, it can be quite costly in the long-run. As we have seen, product defects can cause ripples down the process chain, ultimately driving customers away.

Conduct a Full Inspection to Avoid Product Rejection

A proactive approach to quality control should be implemented, but what is the best method for achieving a low defect rate?

A detailed product inspection would be the answer, but typically this requires hiring a quality team and full staff and adopting QA procedures. This financial and time commitment causes many companies to remain reactive rather than proactive regarding quality assurance.

There is another solution, however, and that is to outsource your quality control. Jonble offers a full range of QC services for a fraction of the cost of adopting an in-house quality control team.

An Ounce of Prevention

In addition to not having to bring on staff, an outsourced QA team’s main advantage is having instant access to experts. Along with years of quality training and experience in the field, the specialists at Jonble will put that knowledge to work for you.

Instead of reviewing resumes and interviewing potential applicants, you can spend your valuable time focusing on manufacturing your product while the pros at Jonble monitor your process and ensure high-quality standards. With Jonble, you can catch costly errors before they happen, keeping your defect rate practically non-existent, and ensuring a smooth process from start to finish.

A Quality Process for Success

When you genuinely care about your product, there’s no expense too great to ensure top quality output. Even so, Jonble’s prices are quite reasonable. Offering everything from individual product inspections to full factory audits, Jonble is fully equipped to service your QA needs.

Visit the Jonble website today and see how expert quality assurance can increase your productivity, efficiency, and bottom line. Your company’s first impression is valuable, and the time and money lost through defects can be staggering.

Let Jonble implement the procedures you need to guarantee 100% satisfaction, both in-house and for your customers.

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